Lemon Verbena Tea with Lavender Ice


I love the  taste of Lemon Verbena and it makes a clean tasting tea.  This South American plant is full of healing qualities.  It helps soothe the stomach and it helps with weight loss because it burns fat. It protects muscles if you if like to work out because it is so high in antioxidants. It reduces inflammation so it good for joint injuries and also good for arthritis and with all this said it also taste good.

So today I enjoyed making Lemon Verbena tea. I like using a French press coffee maker for this process. I pick fresh Lemon Verbena from the garden two large handfuls and fill the press with hot tea water. I like to use spring water when making herbal tea. I allow this tea infuse for at least a couple of hours. I do not sweeten this tea but if you like a little sweetener it also good this way with a touch of honey.  In fact some people call this planet bee-plant because it attracts bees into the garden so honey would be a natural companion with such a tea.


To add a touch of elegance to the tea I make lavender bud ice cubes by simple picking fresh lavender flowers and adding into water for making ice cubes and freeze.  Pour the tea and enjoy all the benefits Lemon Verbena offers and the anti-stress qualities of lavender flowers.




Categories: Nature, Sacred Flora

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  1. Hello Wizard. Up until now I’ve only known lemon Verbena in my bath soap and I like the smell.


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