Cornish Hens with Apricots

I  love the fully equipped Mediterranean  kitchen her at Silent Stay.  It is  always stock with olive oil, organic staples that are that are the foundation of good cooking.

The acreage here was once a part of an old apricot orchard and in the summer time the ancient trees still put out a good harvest, plenty to eat, make jam from and preserve.


September brings a chill in the air, I wanted to make a dish that had warming spices such as cinnamon, cardamom cloves and freshly ground pepper corns.  So I started the night before and took two cups of apricots and place them into two pints of white wine over night.  I also defrosted two Cornish game hens leaving them out in the open air.

The next day I drained the wine from the apricots and set the fruit aside and added  a cinnamon stick in the cavity of each hen plus three cardamom seeds and a couple of cloves. I place the hens in a deep baking dish and marinate them in the apricot flavored white wine for an hour turning them over and spooning the wine over the birds ever so often.  I grind some freshly ground white, red and black peppercorns over the birds and some coarse salt then I let the marinate do its magic.


One hour later I come back pre-heat the over to 450 degrees and take the birds out of the wine.  I slice one organic apple and take the left over apricots and stuff both Cornish hens full.  I dot the birds with some real butter put a cover on and place in the oven for 35 minutes.  After 35 minutes I take the cover off the birds then generously cover with organic apricot jam we made when the tree was in full harvest and bake the Cornish hens for ten more minutes.  The flavors are subtle and the fruit picked up the taste of the spices in this recipe.


Two Cornish Hen.

Two cups of apricots fresh or canned apricots from the summer time work well too.

Three cinnamon sticks.

Five or six cardamom seeds.

Five cloves.

Freshly ground pepper corns white, red and black.

Enough coarse salt to your liking

White wine.

Four pats of butter

A jar of homemade apricot jam or organic apricot jam from the store.


Note: This recipe I adapted from  Dora Carlyn who I use to prep cook for back in Woodstock, cooking for rock and roll stars in the studio, such as John Sebastian of the “Loving Spoonful”.  Dora was innovative chef always experimenting in the kitchen so one day she stuffed Cornish Hens with fresh apricots and top it with organic apricot jam. Even though the original recipe has been lost over time I have created this version using different spices and the white wine.

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  1. I m eating vegetarian again, but your descriptions make my mouth water, or as the Chinese might say, you make me want to “jump over the buddha wall” and taste these cornish hens! Thanks!


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