Lavender Lace Cake



Ah Lavender Lace Cake sounds like words from a song I once heard.  Lavender is abundant here at Silent Stay Retreat because the dear do not like it and it is tough plant that can grow in many kinds of conditions.  The flowers are a natural stress reliever.  Lavandula officinalis root word lava means to wash and officinalis means medicine.  So lavender is a purification plant. It was grown in the monastery gardens in Europe.  The nuns would wash the altar cloths and dry them in the Mediterranean sun. The subtle oils of the plant would natural perfume the cloth.  Lavender is my main essential oil and I always feel a bit lost if I do not have a bottle on hand. What I like about lavender is that it helps relieve stress and tensions.  But I actually have a better way of experiencing this.  I fill the sink with warm water add a few drops of lavender oil and bath my body in with the warm water with a wash cloth.  I do this at least once a day not only do I feel refresh but a gentle calms just goes through me with this little ritual.

So today I went to the garden and picked some fresh lavender buds.   Then I took an organic white cake mix, ( I am not a very good cake maker never was but I have had some  luck baking cakes with some of the organic mixes now on the market.)  But you could do this with your favorite white cake recipe for some of you old school bakers out there.  I add 1/4 cup of lavender buds chopped very fine into the cake batter. I just make the cake as they say on the box and bake it.

It important you cool the cake completely before you start the next part of this recipe. I cut the cake in  half and added a raspberry jam spread all organic. I use one without sugar. The choice is yours. I put the cake back together and I take a white cloth dollie and place it on the cake.  I use an organic powder sugar for the next step for making the lace.


I put a little powder sugar in a strainer and start slowly shaking it over the dollie on the cake.  Once the top of the cake is powdered I slow remove the dollie and I have my Lavender Lace Cake….Lots of fun and another simple but sweet offering from the Healing Garden at Silent Stay.



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  1. This cake sounds so good! Do you think dried lavender flowers would work just as good? Thank you for sharing 😊


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