Mushroom Madonna


Deep in the Forest her Presence is found.

High in the mountains where melt snow becomes streams of  sacred sound.

Wildflowers grow like folds in her robe on holy ground.

Decay and growth side by side dying and birthing without a feeling of fear.

She knows her Love Essence as she draws you near.

Embracing you with the Living Breath like the Spirit that knows no death.

She married to the Sun the Wind and Moon.

She knows every soul for your very cells is she.

Humbly I bow on her forest floor.

Like a grand cathedral with an open door.

Silent as the breath of the great redwood trees.

It is through this heart of silence is when I can see.

Mushroom Madonna Manifesting your beauty so I can bee.

I am your daughter, teach me to walk your way

Totally free.

Note:  This photo was taken in Southern France. It is the Black Madonna of Laghet. The following is a vision experience I had when visiting the Shrine of Our Lady of Laghet.

“In many famous healing shrines around the world you may be able to find ley lines, spring water sources, and an abundance of earth fertility. I feel the magnetic forces of the Earth’s ley lines are very beneficial for extraordarny healings to take place. What you also can find in such a place are the shrines of the Black Madonna, the Great Goddess of Fertility herself. This is why I had come. 

We made our way down to the crypt, the womb of Mother Church. The door was locked, but a black nun offered to open the door, she held the key in her pocket. She opened the chapel door of the crypt. We viewed the dark hidden treasure of Laghet, — La Vierge Noire. In the darkness of the crypt our little group sat down before the Madonna and child, carved into the dark wood. Everyone slipped into his or her own silent meditation experience. 

As I sat in my chair, green vines came out of the earth wrapping their self around my legs, I was slipping into a vision state. Flowers bloomed at my feet and the Virgin spoke to me, ‘Paint me please. Let people know of the flowers that were once dedicated to me. Her words took me back to a time when I studied the plants that were dedicated to Mary. There where 600 flowers and plants that were devoted to Mary, between the 12th and 15th century. 

Here are a few: 
Rose de Notre Dame, known as Anastatica hierochon, 
Bonne Femme known as Columbine , 
Fleurs a la Vierge, also known as Greater Stitchwort, 
Chevaux de la Virgin, also known as The Virgin’s Hair, 
still better known as Clematis vitalba. 

I sat in the silence and felt the coolness of the crypt. My vision faded and our little group got up and walked out into the open spring air. The wild flowers in the small open spaces around the church called me. Our Ladies flora was everywhere.” quote from my book. Link:  A Mystic’s Journey to the Sacred Sites of France

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Raylene Abbott 10-9-16

Copyrights photo and poetry

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  1. You are a daughter of the Divine Mother, with such joy! Smiles!


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