Elder Root Soup



I have been a bit under the weather the last week but today I decided to do a little wild crafting, harvest a few garden herbs, shop for lots of root vegetables, shakti mushrooms and a big bone to strengthen my system.  And without saying, buying organic and being very careful how and where I gather the wild herbs.  I use be a vegetarian for 7 years but even though I do not eat very much meat I found my system needs it ever so often.  My generation started becoming vegetarians in the 70s but some of us have found there has been a loss of bone mass when we have gotton older. Bone broth soup is helpful for those suffering from the effect of osteoporosis.

I love making soups that heal.  So I took a quick trip to Berryvale market in Mt Shasta to begin to gather what I need to make a healing soup.  Shakti mushrooms being at the top of my list, an old variety of heirloom carrots that were the color of the rainbow and a  parsnip I added to my basket. Also burdock root that purifies the blood always a good thing to do for oneself. Lots of celery my mom use to say makes a good soup stock, but today I went straight for celery root instead.   I say there can never be to much parsley I prefer the Italian flat leaf parsley and of course a huge onion.

After the market I took a walk on the wild side and headed for my local wild rose bushes to gather rose-hips which are full of so much vitamin C you can actually skip taking the vitamin capsules.  I moved on to another site to dig up dandelion roots. I cannot praise this humble herb enough! It clears the liver, helps you lose water weight so much so that the French named it pissenlit because you pee so much after eating it. This makes it also a  kidneys healer. I pick a handful of watercress before the freezes really set in. This herb has so many vitamins and minerals you can skip what you spend on the expensive green drinks and find your nearest fresh water stream and feast for free.

I made a trip to see what was left in my garden between the freezes.  I harvested a bundle of thyme which I will tie up with a cotton thread and hang from soup pot that I can take out later. Thyme has been found to lower the blood pressure, boost the immune system and is a natural disinfectant all in one little plant.  I added a pinch of sage a sprig of rosemary and I think I have gathered all my ingredients to begin.

rose-hips,  garden thyme and watercress

My soup making skills are not fancy I just wash the roots and veggies well which might be a little more work on the wild variety, slice everything  up nicely and put them in the pot with plenty of water. I tossed in a small piece of garden angelica from last summers garden for good measure very good for colds and flu.  I put aside the watercress for later.  I use Himalayan salt to taste and hold back the fresh ground pepper for a final touch.  Ten minutes before I sever the soup I add some Italian orzo pasta and five minutes before I add my chopped watercress. I pull the thyme out of the pot and Volia! a soup that is tasty but also will heal what ails you.


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  1. Hi LinLin,
    I thought I was doing pretty well tonight with my soup, until I read your wonderful blog with journey, decription of ingredients, receipe and enticing photos. I took a can of Wolfgang Puck Organic Hearty Garden Vegetable soup, added fresh ginger and garlic, mixed in 3 small canned beets with juice, until the mixture simmered nicely. Then added organic triple washed baby spinach and turned off the fire. It tasted quite good with brown rice Triscuits flavored with sweet potato and roasted onion. It was easy for a fairly lazy dude.
    Smiles, Alok


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