An American Black Madonna


I recently visited Austin, Texas and I was able to visit one of the few original Black Madonnas of the USA. When one is on a pilgrimage to visit a Madonna Shrine I find that there are many symbolic clues along the way.  I had visited Austin three years before when a friend I had met took me out to  Jacob’s Well outside of Austin in the Hill Country where I found many dragon-lines in the area.  link to:  Jacob’s Well

So when I was asked to come to Austin again by my friend Joseph,  I was surprise that he lived not far from Jacob’s Well.  The next morning  Joseph was driving me into Austin to meet up with Kimble who was going to take me to visit the Black Madonna Shrine at the Holy Cross Church.  Diving into Austin we passed by a river that had the scars of massive destruction a long it’s banks. I asked Joseph what had happened and he told me of a massive flood that happened a few years ago that uprooted many of the trees and flooded many of the homes. All long the river were the skeletons of dead trees that had been destroyed by the flooding.

Joseph went on to explain that they had been fracking in the area and he felt this was the cause for Nature to strike back.  Now remember this area is rich in ley-lines, which in ancient times would be the Holy of the Holies. But in these times the powers at be, do not consider such matters. They feel that what they do to the Living Earth does not have consequences.  They have lost the eyes to see. What we do to the Earth affects all of us.

Joseph dropped me off to meet my friend Kimble who originally brought me to the Jacob’s Well . Kimble was kind enough to bring me to the Black Madonna. Along the way to the church I got a text message from my friend Susan who taught me Naga Offerings back in year 2000.  link to:   Naga Offerings Honoring Water 

Susan said she had a dream about me that night in her dream, I was laying on the ground and the Madonna was weeping tears over my body.  It was just a minute later that we pulled up to the Holy Cross Church where the Black Madonna can be found in the backyard courtyard.  link to:  Holy Cross Church 

I was on the trail of the Black Madonna and she was leaving me bread crumbs so I could understand her message. The Black Virgin is a many layered arch-type. She is the arch-type of our collective unconscious and the wounds we all bare from the separation of Matter and Spirit.  She bares the scars of humanity that are separated from the Sacred Earth. She is the voice in the wilderness asking us to collectively awaken before we destroy this precious planet we all share.  This Black Madonna showed me her open wounds on the river bank that day. She urges us all to awaken to be accountable for our actions not just for the fleeting moment, but for generations to come.  The Black Madonna of America may you speak loudly like thunder and awaken your children and especially those whose ears are closed and their eyes remain shut.  link to: Black Virgin Calls



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