Blessed Mary as an Archetype

bvaustin10Black Virgin of Austin TX,  Background Wall of Notre Dame Paris, Dandelion Flower

People often question my devotion to the Blessed Mother and in the same breath wonder how I see her as an archetype of something bigger then life itself.

What is an archetype “psychology : an inherited idea or mode of thought in the psychology of C. G. Jung that is derived from the experience of the race and is present in the unconscious of the individual”

 The Virgin Mary was a historical figure the Mother of Jesus, the Mother of God.  But she is much more then a historical figure for she became the very embodiment of the Divine Feminine when the Patriarch came into power.  All the expressions of the Divine Feminine blended into her many titles.  “Throne of God”and “Queen of Heaven both were titles of the Goddess Isis of Egypt. “The Moon under Feet” found in the book of Book of Revelation the same crescent moon was the symbol of  Roman Goddess Diane and before that the Goddess Artemis. The crowning of the Blessed Mother came from an older tradition of crowning the Goddess Flora on May Day. Even the Virgin of Guadalupe came from an older Aztec Earth Goddess Tonantzin.

The virginity of the historical Mary may be questioned. She was not the first Virgin Goddess that birthed the Son of God.  Juno the protector of Rome, which is the seat of the Roman Catholic Church,  was known as the God Bearer and called Regina both titles of the Virgin Mary.

The prophecy of Isaiah is the church’s foundation of Mary’s Virgin birth but the translation of Virgin in the Greek language had a very different meaning then what we think of what a virgin maybe.

“In the Hebrew Bible, Isaiah first tells us “a virgin will bear a child” (Isa. 7:14). The Hebrew word, which was translated to virgin, is actually almah. When properly translated, almah doesn’t mean virgin but “young girl.” As the text was translated into Matthew’s Greek, parthenos is used, which usually is understood as “virgin.” Throughout the ages “virgin,” rather than young girl, became integral to the description and understanding of Mary”  quote  Bob O’Gorman and Mary Faulker

The Virgin Mary for me is both the historical figure and also holds the position of the Great Mother in her numerable aspects.   Pope Francis said in Naples, “If you don’t love the Mother, the Mother will not give you the Son.”

If we can put aside religious doctrine, and opinions for a minute and think out of the box so to speak.  I have not a doubt in my mind that Christ was an Enlightened Being. He left his body over 2000 years ago. The many doctrines and teaching of Christ and Mother Mary have been subject to change from translators, heads of church and the reformation. But in spite of all of this, people actually have personal mystical experiences of both Christ and the Mother of God.

Once one has had an experience it is yours, no longer one needs to have blind faith. But for just a moment imagine when Christ dropped his body, he fully understood his True Nature of Being the Infinite Light . This understanding became a cosmic event which still echoes through time and space.  This experience is also available to us when we touch that Infinite Light within.  We all have to live with the many layers of this human disguise, but it is when we  strip away these layers our True Nature is revealed.  Some may say this is just for the mystics, but it is for everyone to experience. Some may arrive sooner or later but it is the destiny of every soul on Earth.

If we could on the other hand see that Blessed Mary holds the position of the form in matter.  It is through our own awakening while still in this human body, not waiting for some heavenly world or here after but becoming the living flame within this sacred incarnation. In this way honoring the Mother of Matter for this sacred opportunity of human life we come to her son , the (SUN) or symbolically speaking the Infinite Light within the soul. This is the archetype of the Mother of God holding the Divine child. This is the doorway to find one’s True Nature.

Pilgrimages have given me the opportunity to pass through these archetypes of a particular icon of Mary, Christ, or Saints.  Each sacred site holds its own vibration, has its own secrets to be revealed and this is experienced directly through approaching the shrine with awe, openness and the state of innocence. This will bring you through the door of the archetype. There are Holy Places and Icons that give you the inner experience.  That experience can bring you healing, awakening,  and even power. They are found in all religions and in many sacred sites. The purpose of the archetype is to bring you to your Essence. When this happens all doctrines and all religions fade into the background and all that is left is a deep Silence. It is from this experience we can begin to have tolerance of the difference of religions and people’s view point.

Note:  The above icon is the Black Virgin of Austin, TX. One of the original Black Virgin made here in America.  Pilgrimage is a symbolic road you can read more about this experience in the following link;  Austin’s Black Madonna.

My own experience of this very powerful archetype at first was disturbing because the Madonna did not have eyes but rather hollow sockets.  Her blackness became the symbol of the gallons of oil that has been taken from the ground.  When I started to work with this Madonna combining it with Sacred Flora I choose the dandelion. The Madonna needed eyes, her eyes became petals and the flower of this humble herb.

Flowers also can act as archetypes for our healing. Dandelion root is the medicine to heal the liver. Chinese medicine teaches us that the emotion of anger resides in a diseased liver.   This tough little plant’s roots knows how to break through even the hardest cement pavement.

 This is what we need to become, more than ever as people in power choose to ignore the obvious the environmental crisis and the rights of women. The dandelion makes its way through and cracks of the hardest conditions but in its last stage it take the form of a gentle soft seed-head. It is through the releases of our collective anger and enbodying gentle and peaceful actions that the seeds of awakening will create collective change in these difficult times.  I dedicate this  American Madonna to all those who are marching in the streets at this time. May you know her power, her protection and may the Mothers Voice echo in all your action in the coming days. Amen 1-19-2017

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