St. Anne Aging with Grace



St Anne was the grandmother of Jesus and the Mother of Mary.  She was a spry elder woman who out lived three husband and was said to birth Mary way past her child-bearing years.

St Anne archetype is a reminder that the elders can be a treasure of experience for the family and our community. St Anne fertility in her older years teaches us that our golden years still can be fertile ground for our creativity and sometimes even more so because the wisdom of experience.

This elder archetype also teaches us the importance of caring for our elders with both dignity and respect and not casting them aside as the aging process begin to pull the physical form back into the ground.  Each one of us will have to face our own death process at some point in time. May that moment be filled with grace and mercy.

Link Aging with Grace

Note:  The photograph of St. Anne was taken in the chapel of San Louie in Paris France. I was taken back at how alive this wood icon was made it almost seemed like the statue had a twinkle in her eyes.  The flower in this photograph is  from Mary’s Sacred Flora known as Mary’s Lace. Queen Anne’s lace flowers are actually wild carrots. The flowers center is one small marron blossom which legend says it is the dried blood of the Blessed Virgin when she pricked her finger making lace.  But I would like to think of it as honoring the blood lineage we all come from and understanding these  patterns we all carry. It is through our own efforts that these patterns are seen and transformed. It is through the honoring of our parents no matter what took place in our childhood and becoming grateful  for the gift of life.  When we learn how to return the flow of love  back into our lineage this will make an effect for the generations to come. The flow of love and the transformation of our ancestral patterns will slowly but surely bring changes in whatever family lineage you find yourself.


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