Working with the Archetypes


Working with the archetypes with candle lightening

I started lighting candles in church when I was only five years old. It was a ritual I did with my mother every Sunday.  The devotions to a particular saint or the different aspects of the Blessed Mother were woven into my inner tapestry at this very young age.

The church used stain-glass windows, candle lightning and novenas as a simple way to connect with the different Divine aspects. People could have very powerful mystical experiences with these age old methods.

Tibetan Buddhism would call this a form of tantra, “the merging with the deity.  But also in Tibetan Buddhism they understand that the deity is a doorway to parts of your own inner mandala. It is not outside of yourself and this is why at the end of their tantric deity practices they dissolve the form of the deity back into Emptiness.

The Romans and the Greeks understood the power of the archetypes when they introduced their culture to the myths of the Gods and Goddesses.  Many of these same Gods and Goddess later merged into aspects of Catholic pantheon.  One must remember when the church introduced these methods many people did not read the written word. It was through the artwork that the different aspects of the Divine were introduced and meditated upon.

Candle lighting is one way to use archetypes. This is very popular in Mexico and was introduced to me by a Mexican healer in the Mission District in San Fransisco many years ago.  One way to do this is by purchasing a plain white candle or color if you prefer and finding a picture of a saint you would like to work with and paste it onto the glass container of the candle.   The choice of Saint would be chosen in accord with the your particular situation.

Then Lucy, the Mexican healer then would anoint the candle with an essential oil and give me prayers to read over the candle lightening and the candle would stay lite until it was completely burned out.  This is basically done in some of your old school churches in Europe to this day.  You can also do this with a favorite picture of a Saint and place two candles burning on both sides of a framed image. But I would not I would not suggest leaving the candles unattended.

But over time I found that just by staring at the image and breathing in and breathing out I would merge with the Saint or Blessed Mother.   The breathing would center me, slow down my mind and allow my thoughts to become quiet, so my inner listening would begin to open up.  When gazing at the image or the candle allow your eyes to rest softly on the image as you breathe. I personally like the room to be darkened so that the focus is really on the image.

When this is done everyday for a number of days you will begin to integrate the aspect of the of Divine into your awareness.  This is a very simple way for the mystical door to be open.  When working in this way do not try to make anything happen, just become available to the silence the meditation creates. It is through the deep silence the inner information will unfold into your conscious awareness.

 One can have very powerful experiences with the archetype when you set up a practice for a number of days. The thing to remember as you begin to experience the Saint or aspects of the Blessed Mother that it is a doorway into the mystical, do not get stuck in the doorway. The Light is the Light and the archetypes are the doorways into discovering these aspect that are already inside you.  Always return to the inner Silence for this Silence is God that has no particular form but it the formless.  This way one can stay humble without a lot of identification or attachment to their experience or the form.  What is given is always a blessing for the process of your own inner discovery.

The Archetype

This is just a sample list of ways to work with the archetypes. 

Chirst Child – Inner Child Healing

Mary Magdalene– Sexual Healing, Divine Feminine, Integration of Spirituality and Sexuality

Our Lady of Lourdes–  Healing and Emotional Healing

Our Lady of Supreme Protection – Protection

Archangel Raphael-Healing

Archangel Michael–  Fierce Protection

Our Lady Regla –  Guidance, Emotional Healing,  Connecting with Water

St Joseph-  Healing  unresolved Father issues, finding a home

Our Lady of Immaculate Conception-Pure Creativity, Birth, Creativity aligned with your souls purpose

Our Lady of the Table -Having plenty of food, Cooking , Foods that Heal

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  1. Your “working with the archetypes” is a really good presentation for an effective practice! Thanks.


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