Our Lady of Charity


Our Lady of Charity surrounded by marigold flowers or Mary’s Gold teaches us about true wealth . Not the wealth that is built on the foundation of greed, that does not take the Earth or the future generations into consideration. Our Lady of Charity teaches us the importance of how we distribute our wealth not only material but also our emotional and spiritual support, which are also a form of wealth.

The West has a tendency to measure wealth as material possessions or how much money you have in the bank.  I remember one of my spiritual teachers saying  “I am not a  rich man but spiritually I am a millionaire.”  And this was his truth.  His spiritual gifts he shared with hundreds of people. I know for myself I would not be the person I am today without his prayers or his care for my soul.  Our Lady of Charity teaches us to be generous with ourselves, to give support where it is is needed, to give love and a helping hand when it is appropriate to do so.

But most of all as a society we need to learn to redistribute wealth.  Corporate greed and soulless values seem to reign supreme in this world.  Do not lose heart in the face of adversity for there are many people that are awakening at this time who will make a difference and the tide will change as more and more people awaken to what really matters in life which are kindness, generosity, truth, acceptance of all types of people no matter of religions, race, or culture this is where we as a society now have to learn. Our Lady of Charity can teach us the importance of True Wealth.

Note: Our Lady of Charity is known as Our Lady of El Cobre or Nuestra Senora de la Virgen de la Caridadin in Cuba and Miami FL. I took this image of Our Lady of Charity when  I was on pilgrimage to Our Lady Regla in Miami. French Marigolds actually origins are from Mexico brought back from the Spanish Conquistadors. They were named after Blessed Mary.

NEW : Original Sacred Flora Madonnas created by Raylene Abbott

Are available as a 11″by 14″ print, $40.00 per print plus $7.00 for shipping and handling payable through Paypal. You can order Our Lady of Charity through emailing rayleneabbott@gmail.com 

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