Magdalene Tarot Heresy II

Lovers Tarot Card)

The man in the Lovers card is in confusion because of his love dilemma. Eros is getting ready to shoot an arrow in his heart. Once that has happened, the heart and the passions emanated therefrom become a flame of Love.

Who do the two women represent in the Lovers Card? One represents Mother Church of Rome, who wears the laurel leaf crown and also wears a belt. The leaf crown was used by the Romans as a crown of victory and at the time the Church of Rome wanted victory, which included controlling people’s sexuality. The woman’s hands in this image are placed at the man’s shoulders and his shirt. It is almost seems she is pulling the man by the shoulder and holding down his shirt in the same move. The man looks at the woman, but his expression is not very happy.

The other woman depicted in the Lover’s card is dressed in a blue dress and a red and green robe. The blue is a spiritual color and chosen to paint the Virgin Mary, while colors red and green were frequently the colors chosen to paint Mary Magdalene during this time. The woman in the image has her hand on the man’s heart. His hand is placed over her sex. Mary Magdalene was also depicted as the naked saint in artwork. This woman is free of a restrictive belt coupled with the other depictions in the Lover’s Card may convey the bigger message that her sexuality is easily expressed. The blue dress and green and red robe also may symbolize that she is one with her spirituality as well as her passionate nature. This is in sharp contrast with the woman who represents Mother Church who wears red and blue and a tight belt. Her passions are limited to be expressed only through her spiritually.

Now reflect back to the Fool’s card. The man’s other hand is holding his belt in place. Remember the fool card whose ass was exposed? The man in the Lover’s card has a choice to make: Does he listen to his heart and his natural sexual response and allow himself to express love to the woman that beckons his heart, or does he listen to the rules imposed on to him by the other woman who is represented by Mother Church and who claims sex is a sin? Loveless marriages arranged by both families and Church were common place during this time. The 12th century brought with it Courtly Love and the poetry of Troubadours as a reaction to the church and arranged marriages.

Judgment Tarot Card)

The next card is the Judgment Card and therein is an image of an Angel in the sky who is blowing his trumpet to awaken the dead. The flag on his horn is none other than the Knight Templars’ Cross. This is a card that conveys the Last Judgment. The Last Judgment is when all the significant events throughout a soul’s incarnations will be revealed. These revelations will include the truth about the life of Mary Magdalene and Christ.

When we look at these three cards together, the Moon Card reflects the deception of both Church and State, which is symbolized by the image of aggressive dogs not allowing the crayfish, symbolic of the Great Mother to come forward. We further see the Lover Card and how Mother Church wants to control the expression of this couple’s love and sexuality. Finally we see the Judgment Card, symbolizing, when the Angel blows his
Horn, he awakens us to the truth that has been hidden from ourselves and the masses.

Note: St. Victor in Marseille, France was Sacred Place for the Cult of Mary Magdalene…go to the link if you like to read more: St. Victors

Edited by Anant Akash

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