Our Lady of the Mountains


Our Lady of the Mountains urges us to climb the mountain for the a higher view.  There are times in everyone’s life that we face challenges and obstacles. This is when we are asked are we going have the courage to rise above our emotions, old emotional programs or  even our own limitations.  The mountains have always been a spiritual metaphor in many different traditions.

” Zion that bringeth good tidings, get thee up into the high mountain; O Jerusalem that bringest good tidings, lift up thy voice with strength.” (Isaiah 40:9)

Ken Keeping Still Mountain”  ( Ching Hexagram 52)

“And He has affixed into the earth, mountains standing firm, lest it should shake with you; and rivers and roads, that you may guide yourselves.”  (Allah 16:15)

Our Lady of the Mountains stands firm in her center.  She opens her spiritual eye to view the higher perspective.  It through her the Silent Center of her heart and her feet firmly rooted in the ground she can achieve results for the greater good of the whole.

Note:  This image of the mountain is in Mt Shasta California.  It has been referred to as the diamond in the Cascade Mountain Range which was called the Chain of Pearls by one of Native American teachers.  The Madonna of this photograph is a painting of a friend. The style of this painting is traditional to the Spanish Missions of the Southwest and California.

NEW : Original Sacred Flora Madonnas created by Raylene Abbott

Are available as a 11″by 14″ print, $40.00 per print plus $7.00 for shipping and handling payable through Paypal. You can order Our Lady of the Mountains through emailing rayleneabbott@gmail.com



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