The Virgin’s Hair


Wild Clematis was known as the Virgin’s Hair in the Sacred Flora of the Madonna. It was part of Dr Bach’s original flower essence, for those who are dreamers. Its puff flower heads might of reminded Mr Bach of those who have their head in the clouds.

But we might look at the Virgin’s hair from another angle.  The Virgin aspect of the old pagan Goddess was really the very first day of spring, when the fresh blades of grass made their appearance after the long days of winter.  The purity and freshness of those flowers, blossoms and the very first leaves are all considered the Virgin aspect of Mother Nature.  The archetype of Blessed Mary became this Virgin archetype . But the other aspects of the Goddess, the sexually alive fully fruitful Goddess and the purification of cutting back, decay and composting Crone Goddess were forbidden to worship by the church.

But living life in a physical form we experience all these aspects of the temporal body and of matter. It is important we integrated all three aspect, otherwise we cannot live life to its fullest. Everything in creation has a beginning, a flowering, and dying. Even our own creations in the world you will find these transformational qualities.  It is how well we recognize and accept these different aspect in our lives we become well adjusted human beings allowing ourselves the time to compost our life experiences deeply. Even when people, relationships, and even our own creations die in our lives there is always a promise of  rebirth. The new blade of grass pushes up from the frozen ground of winter and the Our Virginity is restored again.

Note: Clematis grows wild and blooms late in the summer but it’s flowers heads last even into late fall. This image of the Virgin is Our Lady of Good Help who I found in the cathedral in Seattle. The wild clematis was growing on the city street of Seattle.

NEW : Original Sacred Flora Madonnas created by Raylene Abbott

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