Guardian Angels


Angel of the Earth.

Angel of the Sea.

Angel of the Sky.

And Angel in me.

Let us all live in harmony.

Let us all live in harmony.

written at sunrise in Maui 1980

The first time I was introduced to my Guarding Angel I was only five years old. I remember getting a book from the nuns at my first day in catechism. I brought the book home and I was laying in my bed at night looking at the first chapter about your Guarding Angel. I clearly remember staring at the picture of the Guarding Angel in my book and having the experience of feeling my own Guarding Angel. This was my first direct spiritual experience I can remember. And beyond the dogma and doctrine of the  Catholic Church I was given a strong spiritual foundation of devotion, faith, and the belief in miracles.  I experience at a very early age the power of pray and how it can remove obstacles in ones development. Many years later of soul searching, spiritual experiences and learning to strip away the dogma and doctrine from the Spiritual Essence, I can still touch the innocence of that little girl who knew she was protected by her Guardian Angels. And I am grateful.

A link:  A Practice to connect with your Guardian Angels

Note:  This image is a pure white camellia I found on a walk in Seattle.  Camellia in Mary’s Sacred Flora was called Mary’s Purity. The Angel photo I took in Saint Clotilde’s Basilica in Paris, France.

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