Magdalene Tarot Heresy V




The Tower, Wheel of Fortune and Chariot Cards
 (Magdalene Tarot – Heresy V)

What connects the next three Tarot cards together, the Tower, Wheel of Fortune and the Chariot in the major arcane is that each card has a crown at its top. Although the Empress and Emperor images in their respective Tarot card have crowns, they are much different kind of head-gear than these three Tarot cards.

The Tower Tarot Card)

The Tower traditionally depicts destruction, but it is also to see the depiction of context of the overarching heresy symbols. The Tower symbolizes and serves as a remembrance of the destruction, reign of terror committed against the Knight Templars on Friday, October 13th, 1307, in France. An order was jointly issued by Philippe Le Bel and Pope Clement to arrest the Knight Templars.

The reason proffered historically for order to arrest the Knight of Templars was that Philippe had a cash flow problem, and he was indebted to the bank owned by the Templars. The Knight Templars had developed a banking system throughout Europe upon their return from the Crusades. The order was issued under secrecy and crafted strategic planning. The Templars were arrested throughout the country of France in simultaneous raids. Then most of them were either killed or bought to the Inquisition agents to be tortured and executed.

The Tower Card also may be a reminder of the Knight Templars’ Castle in Paris Enclos du Temple. This Castle had a tower which they called Grosse Tour, meaning Great Tower. I have concluded this is the tower represented in the Tarot’s Tower card. The card depicts the fall of the Order of Knights Templars from power and The Templar’s Castle in Paris, France


Wheel of Fortune Card)

The second Tarot card is the Wheel of Fortune. Traditionally this card is representative of either good fortune or bad fortune, according to the card placement in a Tarot reading. A more focused reading of the Wheel of Fortune card reveals a deeper heresy meaning. The wheel is reminiscent of the wheel of karma from the Eastern religious perspective. The wheel of karma is the wheel of time reflective of both our good or bad deeds, which will paid in kind. The Justice Card, “Scales of the Magdalene” is also a reminder of this linkage.

The wheel in the Tower card reminds me of the great wheels they used to open medieval castle doors. There was also another form of karmic wheels in medieval Europe. Once a year in a festival they would set a wheel on fire and roll it down the hill to burn away all the bad luck of the village. At the top of the wheel you can see the King, who appears to be half animal. He is depicted with two other animals on the wheel. This Tarot card may be conveying the notion that we are acting from our soul or our animal instincts. The latter can create a negative karma. The reminder here is one moment you can be a king at the top of the wheel, but sooner or later the wheel could turn resulting from negative deeds,  bad karma and bring you to the bottom of the wheel. The higher symbolic meaning of the card’s heresy is a potent reminder of the bad deeds of King Philippe le Bel.

The Chariot Tarot Card

The last Tarot card in this formation is The Chariot. Traditionally this card symbolizes victory, success and recognized merits of an individual. To understand the meaning of this care, we only need to remember the Order of Knight Templars, who were Great Spiritual Initiates that were heavily influenced by Gnostic and ancient Eastern spiritual practices. The Templars of the Order were given secret initiations that went far beyond the perspectives of the Medieval Catholic Church. The esoteric knowledge of the Templars was carved in stone on the cathedrals walls under their guidance and direction throughout Europe.

I have concluded that the Chariot Card speaks of a future Victory; a victory unfolding in a subsequent lifetime or in another dimension for those who were unjustly condemned of the likes of the Knights of Templars, Cathars and many other innocent souls. The two horses in the image of the Chariot card represent the forces of duality that pulls the chariot, one horse being dark blue and the other white. You may notice how the two wheels are awkwardly placed on this chariot. Maybe this is a subtle and deep reminder we all have wheels that accumulate both good and bad karma. Each soul has to become “master” of the forces of good and evil in oneself in order to become a Master Steward of his or her own Chariot, which is representative of one’s physical vehicle.


In this article, I have attempted to provide both the novice reader and individuals who have an interest in a deeper appreciation and understanding of the Tarot of Marseilles, including its history and the rich symbolic meanings and significance that are embedded in its images, especially as it relates to the Magdalene Hersey.

Edited by Anant Akash

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