Magdalene Tarot Hersey VI

Temperance, The World, The Star 


The Temperance, World and Star Tarot Cards

In this presentation, we decode the meanings and significance, that is, the hidden messages while viewing the juxtaposition of the Temperance, World and Star Tarot cards. One relevant similarity in these three cards is that the central focal point is the celestial woman. The Temperance and the Star figures in the cards are both in the process of pouring water while in the World of form.

Temperance Card
The angel in the Temperance Card traditionally means moderation, transformation and adaptation. The angel’s garment is blue and red; the symbol of fire and water or the balancing of the masculine and feminine. One of her vessels is the color brown, maybe representing the clay vessel of the body. The other color vessel is golden, which could represent the Light of the Infinite.  When these two poles are balanced, we are connected to Source. To become in alignment between what is temporal and what is infinite is the great testing ground and divine purpose of every human soul.  Christ’s life is a testament to this alignment. The angel is standing on the green fertile ground of nature, as she undergoes her alchemical initiation processes in support of her alignment or the balance of the temporal and the infinite.
The World Card

The World card depicts a naked woman balancing herself on one leg, while standing on green fertile soil. Her foot actually seems to be rooted into the Earth. She appears to be standing in a vulva shaped laurel wreath, the “Great Mother,” the sacred container of our birth. A German manuscript actually depicts this same position but with Christ in the center of the vulva.


The four figures in the image are, as presented in the World card, from the “Book of Revelation.” They are representative of the four cardinal points in astrology, which are Aquarius the Angel, Scorpio the Eagle, Tarsus the Bull and Leo the Lion.  While the Temperance Card symbolizes the process of balancing the masculine and feminine, on the other hand, the World Card reminds us that we all have been born from the Great Mother.  Both of these cards, I feel, reflect the importance that the Divine Feminine should be included and balanced with the Divine Masculine now as well as in the patriarchal structure that existed in the medieval times. The naked, celestial woman’s ribboned stash, as represented in the World card, contains the four elemental colors which are: red (fire), blue (water), green (earth) and yellow (air and light). This celestial woman is, as seen in this image, balancing and standing on one leg, while dancing and holding two wands. She is sending her message of unity and alignment in the World, similar as to what is being conveyed in the Temperance card.
The Star Card
In the Star card, a figure of the celestial woman is seen kneeling in barren soil on a yellow stepping stone or maybe it is a foundation stone. The importance of her kneeling on this stone, I feel, reflects her humility as she goes about her celestial task. She is in alignment with the celestial stars above her. The biggest star has 16 points, which also is the number of the card Tower Card. The Tower Card is the reminder of the Templars’ destruction.
The Star card also shows hidden messages, as represented by the two vessels used by the celestial woman figure. The celestial woman figure is pouring from a yellow vessel and the liquid is white as she pours into the body of water, with water being representative of our emotional body. What’s being poured into the water? The symbology here could represent that the color of the yellow vessel and the white liquid being poured is the purification through the elements of light and air into the body of water, our emotional body. She is bringing the balance of earth, water, fire, and air, as represented by the elemental colors of the vessels and the liquid. It is through the red vessel that the celestial woman pours onto the barren soil of the earth. What is being pouring? The element fire is representative of the color red. So, what is being poured, as represented by the red vessel, maybe seen as a purification of the soil through fire. The Star card is reminding us that, similar to the Temperance and World cards: It is by the balancing of one’s inner alchemy and the alignment with one’s higher self that the true balance of the masculine and feminine may be brought to earth.
The naked, celestial woman in the Star card image is hiding nothing. She is in alignment with the heavenly influences as she fulfills her dharma. The only thing growing behind her is two trees. The two trees in the Star card go almost unnoticed. One tree is much bigger than other.  A dark bird eats on the leaves of the larger tree. Maybe this tree is symbolic of the Medieval Catholic Church; the dark is the shadow aspect of the Medieval Catholic Church. In the smaller tree, as represented in the image of the Star Card, there is a small branch in the shape of a phallus, which could represent the hidden Church of Magdalene. The deeper meaning of the Star card, similar to the Temperance and World cards is, especially when viewed in juxtaposition, the remembrance and significance of the Divine Feminine. We are asked to go slowly, to be patience in the alchemy initiation processes as signified by the Temperance card message, and then the Divine Feminine can take her rightful place in the World. The Star card reminds us to be humble in our alignment process

Edited by Anant Akash

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