Our Lady of Light


Our Lady of Light shines brightly for all of us. You can see in the background her garden is growing mullein.  Mullein was called Our Lady’s Candle in Mary’s Sacred Flora.

Mullein once was dipped in tallow and burned as torches for pilgrimage ceremonies in old Europe. Many of the old shrines in Europe are built on the ley-lines high in the mountains. Once a year when the spring comes the village people would carry the statue and walk the ley-lines trails which are the old pilgrimage routes.  Each step they took would be filled with prayer.

This pilgrimage process actually awakened the Earth’ ley-line energy !  Pilgrimage recharged the land and the village people.  They would carry the icon of the Blessed Mother to the ocean to be washed in the Mediterranean Sea.  This action actually opened the people up to be healed because when the ley-of the land is awakened more Earth Energy (Chi) is available. It is when more chi is available healing can happened. link to ley-lines  link to understanding ley-lines

Some villages would have summer mountain shrines and the Virgin icons would be moved to the higher mountains for the summer. There would be great festivals during these pilgrimage where the whole village would sing, dance, and party. People wore  clothes that were embroidered with flowers and ancient fertility symbols of the land. Their dances would make flower patterns in the Earth that would awaken and distribute the Earth energy through the Earth. The spring ceremonies when the sap rose in the ground the dances would distribute this electro magnetic energy this energy is the fertility power.  Some villages danced the May Pole dance which is an ancient fertility dance.

Native indigenous cultures understand that for the land to awaken it needs to be sung to and danced on,  other wise the land would become died. But this needs to be done with a pure heart to purify the unseen elemental forces. The elemental forces naturally absorb the thoughts, emotions and actions of man. When we understand that the elemental forces actually do this for humanity we will understand why nature’s patterns are so unbalance now.

Many of the high mountain villages of Europe no longer do this. The youth have moved away to the city to get jobs. The elders are too old to do it by themselves and the ways of the church have grown to old for a modern society. But these devotional pilgrimage need to be renewed with the Green Movement methods and also devotional ceremony that work to heal the Earth, and the people.

Our Lady of Light brings her blessings when we join together as a community and work together for the good of  the Earth and the Village.

Note: The background of this image was taken in the cathedral in Seattle Washington. Seattle is one of the Best Green Cities in the USA. The city policies are working to improve the enviroment.  The climate we find ourself today in American the politics are not respecting our natural enviroment.  Every city and town need to take the lead of Seattle, Washington and pass Green Laws to protect their citizens for the future generation.

The mullein plants are the second layer of this photo. The mullein is  from my garden. The image of the Virgin is from a street shrine in Genoa Italy.

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