Our Lady of the True Vine


Our Lady of the True Vine is symbolic the families blood lines. ‘

” The word sangria, the Spanish wine, literally means bleeding. Latin sanguis is blood. There is no Indo-European “root”. The word is a metathesis of an Edenic word associated with both wine and blood”  a quote from Edenics (Biblical Hebrew)The Origin of Language

Our Lady of the True Vine is the name for grapes which comes from Mother Mary’s Sacred Flora from the 12th century.  This aspect of the Madonna helps to re-establish the flow of Love in one’s family lineage. We all have inherited both positive and negative family patterns. Our Lady of the True Vines is the archetype to help us realize our unconscious negative family patterns and transform them.  These negative pattern when not brought to awareness can hinder the flow of Love in family for many generations. But even when one individual in a lineage does the Great Work of transforming their own patterns it slowly but surely has an effect on the entire family tree.  Our Lady of the True Vine brings us awareness and healing to our family lineage.


Note: Our Lady of the Vine was inspired when I visited Seattle this winter to see my grandchildren.  I took one afternoon to visit the St James Cathedral to see this icon which was inspired by a 15th-century statue from a monastery in Blaubeuren in Germany. There is a  star-map in this alcove’s ceiling above this Madonna. She is referred to as Our Lady the Star of the Sea in Seattle.   I over laid her with an image of a vineyard in Ashland, Oregon.

I have worked with many methods of healing family patterns and  one of the best methods I have found was created by Bert Hellinger  from Germany. He learned from the Zulu people in Africa how to heal ancestral patterns.  The following links will introduction to his form of therapy.

Hellingers’s Story

Healing Family Patterns

NEW : Original Sacred Flora Madonnas created by Raylene Abbott

Are available as a 11″by 14″ print, $40.00 per print plus $7.00 for shipping and handling payable through Paypal. You can order “Our Lady of the True Vine” through emailing rayleneabbott@gmail.com

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