Magdalene Tarot Hersey VII

Strength, Death and the Magician


Let’s now turn our attention to the Strength, Death and Magician cards in juxtaposition as a means to decode their overarching significance, meaning, and hidden messages, including their noteworthy contribution to decoding the Magdalene Heresy.
If you look at the hats in the Strength and Magician Cards, you can see that the hat of the female and hat of the male are shaped like the figure eight, a universal recognized symbol of Eternity. The three card layout has death in the center, as reflected in the Death card. If you look at the Magician clothing and shoes in the Magician card, he is balancing the color blue and the color red. The color blue symbolizes water while the color red symbolizes fire. Water and fire is the alchemical process repeated once again in the Tarot deck, which is representative of balancing the masculine and the feminine.
The representation of balancing the feminine and masculine was a theme of the Knight Templars in many of Cathedrals built in France, including the Cathedral Norte Dame. They had a deep understanding and appreciation of the Gnostics teachings and consistent with these teachings it was their intent to keep them alive by having the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine secretly symbolized in the walls or actual structures of the Cathedrals. In short, the Knight Templars’ found a useful and secretive way to honor the sacred energy of the female, the Magdalene mysteries, in sharp contrast to the widespread orthodox teachings of the patriarchal Church of St. Peter during this particular time.

In the Strength card you can also see that the hat is made partly of green leaves. The color green represents the balancing of the temporal aspect, including the forces of nature that move through our body, with the eternal aspect of our soul. As portrayed in the Strength card, the woman’s expression is seemingly one of disenchantment while she closes the mouth of the lion. The lion in astrology represents the royal king, which may be a symbol for King Philip, the Bel, who ordered the arrest of the Knight Templars. Remember, the Tarot of Versailles was created many years after the imprisonment and killing of the Templars.
As stated previously, the Death card is in between the Strength and the Magician cards in this presentation, both of which represent eternity as symbolized by the figure eight shape on their respective hats. On the Death card, you can see two heads near the feet of the Death and his sickle; one is a king’s head, most likely King Philip the Bell. The second head is the crown of the clergy and could represent Pope Clement V, who colluded with King Phillip in the arrests and purge of the Knight Templars. This scene as portrayed in the Death card actually may be representative of the legendary curse of Jacques de Molay, the Grand Master of the Knight Templars. And the curse also could be related and connected to viewing the Death card in juxtaposition with the Magician card, that is, the magician’s curse (i.e., Molay’s curse) and the deaths that follow. In the following, this may become clear as to what is meant by the outcome of this legendary curse.
Molay was imprisoned and tortured for almost seven years by the King. On March 18, 1314, Molay along with Master of Normandy, Geoffroi de Charney and Hugues de Pairaud were burned to death on charges of heresy. There is a legend that Jacques de Molay placed a curse on both the King and the Pope while he was still burning on the stake. He reportedly said that before the end of the year King Philip and Pope Clement would meet him before God to answer for their crimes. Less than a year later, Pope Clement died on April 20, after suffering from a long illness. King Philip died the same year on November 29, after being thrown from a horse.
As an interesting side note, in another tarot card deck named Rider Waite Tarot created in 1910, there is another card, which also uses the figure eight symbol, a symbol for eternity. There are also ships in the background of the card which symbolizes traveling at sea. But, maybe, the greater secret here may be that the ships set sail to locate the treasures of the Templars that King Philip was trying to find, after the arrest of the Knight Templars. Even to this day, the treasures of the Knight Templars remain a mystery; the greatest treasures of all never have been found!


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