The Sacred Heart


The old paradigm of the Sacred Heart sometimes is found with a crown of thorns or even swords stuck into the heart of Mary. Granted life has its suffering it all part of the human condition. But constraining on the suffering without having sufficient tools to help one transform it like staying of the cross without resurrection.


It is not that one should avoid their suffering but actually go straight into the heart is the path of transformation. The center of the Sacred Heart is actually spacious. All our concept of what God is are just that concepts. When the real depth happens it is wordless and a Great Silence that swallows everything of who you think you are and that includes your deepest sufferings. This silence is found in the heart. The heart is like a many layered rose. There are layers of memories caused by traumatic events in every human heart. But when we get stuck in those memories, our heart become closed to experience a greater depth.

When we are willing to deepen, breathe have space without limiting our self from with what has happened in the past, we can travel deeper into the inner heart of our being.

This inner heart is the very Seat of Silence. It is always there. But one has to go beyond the mind to find it. One has to have enough curiosity to go beyond what is the norm. This Sacred Heart of Silence is in each one of us. It is from this Silence creation began and also returns too. It is from this Silence the most beautiful creation self arise seemly coming out of no where. There are as many ways to God as there are people for each one has to go through the door of their own heart to reach the Silence. It is through this direct experience we experience God, not taught from books, doctrine or religion.

Note: This image is another rose from my garden layered over a copper heart Milagros which means miracles in Spanish. Milagros are used on pilgrimages of away to thank the Saints for prayers that are answered. The flame is the third layer of this image I took from a fireplace. The flame represents that Spark of Spirit that lives in each one of us. That spark is our very Essence.

The second image is the suffering Mary Magdalene found in the cathedral Saint-Germain l’Auxerrois, Paris, France. Magdalene the Beloved of Christ was turned into repenting saint. It is only now in the last few decades we are beginning to see Magdalene as the Divine Feminine partner to Christ the Divine Masculine.

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