Our Lady of the Full Moon Mushroom


It is the Virgo full moon the Virgin Moon that comes in the month of March. Deep in the compost matter that has been buried by the winter snows the life force stirs. It makes it’s ascent into wildflowers yet to be. It rises in scented herbs that have been  waiting for warmer days to release their fragrance.

Birds seem to sing a merrier song and some are quite chatty.  It is from the darkness of the rich compost soil life is born again like a Virgin pure and untouched. These are her first sparks of creation.

Such is life for a soul who is Awakening, to draw inward and compost ones life’s experiences is the foundation of human evolution. The soul’s road map has been written in all of Nature’s cycles.  One just has to observe the flowers of spring, the waxing and waning of the moon and listen to the song of the river as it flows to its destination. How the wind carries the scent of the flowers for all to enjoy.  Be like the birds St Francis use to say singing and praising the Glories of God in every living thing. And learn to be still so you can listen to the Silence of your own heart and all shall be revealed.

Note:  Our Lady of the Full Moon is a Black Virgin in the crypt of Laghet France. She is layered over a mushroom I found in Marin county which was as big as a plate rising from the thick compost leaves, thus Our Lady of the Full Moon Mushroom was born.

NEW : Original Sacred Flora Madonnas created by Raylene Abbott

Are available as a 11″by 14″ print, $40.00 per print plus $7.00 for shipping and handling payable through Paypal. You can order “Our Lady of Full Moon Mushroom” through emailing rayleneabbott@gmail.com

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