Magdalene Tarot Hersey VIII


The Fool, Hangman and Hermit

The last three cards of the Hersey have no signs of similarity like the other cards in the Major Arcana not counting the one card which is left over which is the Emperor. Thus I read the Emperor with the Empress.

The first card in the Tarot deck depicts the fool who has started on his journey. What is important and relevant in this image is that, even though the fool wears a belt to keep his pants up, a little animal image is revealing the fool’s bare ass. This card’s symbology is a starting point of reflection to decode the hidden meanings in the Fool card’s image and the realization that the Tarot cards that follow in the deck have significant, hidden meanings to convey to us as well. For example, having one’s ass revealed in spite of the use of belt to keep one’s pants up might symbolize something about human sexuality that is hidden in the major trumps.

The second card is the hangman which traditionally means sacrifice, detachment and transition. But what I find interesting here is it is the same position that St Peter, the patriarch of the Roman Catholic was martyred.


stain glass window in FrancLike the image of the man in the Fool card, suggesting that there is something of importance hidden that needs to be revealed, the image of the man in the third card, the Hermit card, he is holding up his lantern to shed light on the subject. The Hermit card traditionally means silence, solitude and spiritual search. But viewed in the three card layout, it appears that both the Fool and the Hermit are looking at St. Peter as the Hangman. The Gnostic, heretical teachings of the Church of Magdalene have been hidden by the Church of St. Peter, that is the historical Catholic Church. But for those who can decode the secrets, they are written in the Tarot, the cathedrals of Europe built by the Knight Templars. They are written in the master pieces of artist that were the initiates of the Magdalene Mysteries. The secrets are apparent today for those who can read the symbols in the Cathedrals as well as in the Tarot of Marseille


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