Notre Dame Miroir


Notre Dame Miroir, Our Lady Mirror,  silently seats in her bed of sage leaves.  It is when she sits quietly she can reflect life’s experiences.  Notre Dame Miroir is an important archetypical door for the journey of Soul Awakening . The Christ Child on her lap transforms into a clear reflecting mirror. Around Notre Dame’s head is a bright aura which represents the Awakened State. Her bed of sage leaves are part of the Sacred Flora of the Madonna known as our Lady’s Shawl. Sage is symbolic of wisdom obtained through quiet inner reflection.

When we are born our soul comes in with a clear slate, but as we enter the dynamics of our family and society we absorb the projections of others.  These projections can be handed down from parents, our teachers and our social class.  These projection may or may not have anything to do with who you are.  The soul that has not cultivated reflective wisdom within themselves the strong they may project on to others.

It is when we retreat within and become quiet we can begin to understand the projections we have taken on from other sources that has little to do with who we truly are.  When we settle in the center of the hollow silence found within the inner heart we can review these projections and no longer identify with who people think we are or what people want us to be for their own identity.  Notre Dame Miroir is the Mother of Mirror like Wisdom to the soul’s awakening process.

Note:  The bed of sage in this photograph is Berggarten Sage. This German sage has a mild flavor and is used by cooks in Europe for its refine flavor.  The sitting Madonna image is from a monastery from France. Her sitting position orginally comes from the icon’s of Isis with her child Horus.

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