Our Lady of the Ley-lines


Our Lady of the Ley-lines is where the most Sacred Sites on Earth can be found. It is the places of the Holy Standing Stones.  It is electro magnetic field where the fertility of the Earth is distributed throughout the land so all of plant life can flourish. Ancient ceremonies of the Sacred Male/Female were celebrated with the rising of the Earth’s life force back into the plant kingdom with the first Spring Equinox. The Spring Equinox being the balance between dark/light, male/female and heaven/earth.

The ancients understood this rising of the life force in the Earth. They gathered at the    Sacred Sites, Holy Wells, and Standing Stones during seasonal gateways. Even today you can find fertility stones in cathedrals such as under the altar of Rocamadour, Pignans in Provence and in the church wall at Saintes Maries de la Mer.

The ancients opened  their bodies to these powerful energies to be aligned with Heaven and Earth. This happened through the union of the masculine/feminine as the Queen and King that where chosen for such a ceremony.

The traces of these fertility ceremonies is an ancient memory that can be found in the Sacred Sites of France. This is what underneath the veils of our Lady Pillar at Chartres Cathedral in France. Our Lady Pillar was not long ago one of France’s most beautiful Black Virgins, unfortunately a restoration project painted Our Lady of the Pillar white, a great lost of one of France’s Black Beauties.

Our Lady of the Pillar is actually a spiritual state that can happen for the spiritual initiate.  It is when the center channel within the body opens up and the sexual energy moves up from the lower chakras to the higher spiritual centers.  It can feel much like wind going through a reed. It also can feel like you are a strong energy pillar.

Chartres’ crypt has another dark virgin Notre Dame de Sous Terre, Our Lady of the Earth. This was once a place of  Druid ceremonies and a Holy Well. The two Madonna Notre Dame Pillar and Notre Dame de Sous Terre reflect the rising of the Earth’s Life Force during those ancient ceremonies. It can still be felt by those who align themselves with the Sacred Site and deep meditative prayer.

Note:  Lavender is the plant I choose for this image. Lavender comes from the Latin word Lava which means to  wash. Lavender was a traditional monastic plant used in monastery gardens as hedges. They use to wash the altar cloths and hang them out to dry on lavender bushes in the Mediterranean sun to perfume the cloth. The phallic male statue was outside of a church in Genoa, Italy.  The Madonna is Notre Dame des Aires is outside of Paris on the top of a church. She stands in a position of the Egyptian Goddess Isis called pushing the sun.

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