Our Lady Muse


Our Lady Muse is an aspect of the Madonna that came through the Courts of France during the days of Courtly Love. Eleanor of Aquitaine Queen of France and later England was very instrumental in establishing Courtly Love into the courts of both France and England.  Eleanor owned a large portion of the South of France and with her marriage to Louie VII they created a powerful alliance.  The year of 1142 King Louie VII took both his Queen and her court of ladies to the second Crusade.

During Eleanor’s time in Constantinople it was said she adopted and wore Eastern fashions. Her Uncle Richard, the Prince of the Kingdom of Antioch became a big influence on Eleanor’s life during her time in the East. During the time of the crusades the Knights were influenced by the Eastern thought, their architecture, mathematics, their medicine, poetry and tantric erotic arts.

Eleanor’s affection for her uncle created a conflict  with her husband Louie, so much so, that Eleanor returned to France on a separate ship from her husband. Eleanor’s ship was captured by the Byzantines.  The Sicilians recused Eleanor and brought her to the Courts of Sicily which were known for their luxury and beauty. All of these events made an impression on Eleanor’s life which fueled her creative fire in introducing the concept of Courtly Love.

Eleanor’s daughter Marie Countess consort of Champagne a patron of the arts supported Chretine de Troyes the writer of the Arthurian legends one of his works being  “The Knight and the Lion.” Also Andreas Capellanus, another patron wrote the book De Amore the rules of Courtly Love.  It was during this time that the stories of King Arthur a blend of both Celtic myth and Christian symbols surfaced in Europe. The Courts of love influenced Aquitaine, Provence, Champagne, Burgundy, Sicily and later England when Eleanor married King Henry II.

The idea of a Knight dedicating himself to a Lady of Court or in some cases the Virgin Mary the High Arts were born through the poets, writers, and troubadours . It was through their passionate discipline, honor and chivalry the code of the court were born.

The European Renaissance originally should of happened through the Courts of France if it had not been for Albigensian Crusades that killed the Cathars. This Crusade also took the lands of the Lords of the South of France that sympathizer with the Gnostic movement.  It was not until almost 200 years later at the end of the 14th century the Renaissance was born in Italy.

Our Lady Muse is the archetype for today’s artist

In all good art the Artist inner spark has been ignited into a blazing flame. This may come about through a muse, a great love, and sometimes even tragedy. When the artist is able to over come their blockages of fear, neurosis and regrets this purification process then can be expressed into Great Art. Think of what the Artists had to over come to come out of the Dark Ages and birth the Renaissance?
This pure expression can move others to tears and to awakening through beauty…this is the purpose of a true artist. But an artist who is not attached to the results of their art this becomes Pure Art. Blessed are the Muses for they will guide you to your artistic expression

Note: The Empty Sacred Heart that holds the Spark of Spirit is such a powerful symbol for me.  It is that blazing flame that rest in the stillness of the heart. It is through this purity creative is given wings.  This copper heart is a milagros (little miracle)  which is a pilgrimage charm. The Madonna I found in an old convent in Red Bluff, Calif. A burning flame is the over lay image on the milagros. The hibiscus flowers are both the signature of sensuality and an open heart which becomes the fuel for my flame. It is through the art of one’s creative flame that has the potential to become the  power to open and inspire others.  Hibiscus is known as  Rose of Sharon in Mary’s Sacred Flora. The center medal in the rosary is also called Rose of Sharon.

NEW : Original Sacred Flora Madonnas created by Raylene Abbott

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