Our Ladies of Alchmey


Our Ladies of Alchmey are both a Black Madonna and a White Madonna. Black Madonnas represent the Divine Mother in matter down to the very last atom. While the White Madonnas are the ascended state of the Divine Mother.  Religion for centuries have seek for the ascended states which can be a high, but when you do not honor the body, your humanness which includes your sexuality then one is living in separation. This separation plays out how we collectively treat the natural environment, our elders, our children and our relationships.

The two Madonnas are not separate but work as one archetype, they are both the inner and outer reflection.

Our Lady Regla is the Black Madonna that rules over all the waters on Earth. She protects and give safe travel. But she is also the healer of our emotional bodies. The Black Madonnas address our unconscious wounds. If we could see the average person emotional body we could begin to understand the essence of pollution.  What is on the inside of our collective psychic reflects through the five elements in our natural environment.  The Great Work for humanity right now is to align with their pure spirit to find their personal purpose to direct their life. But this alone is not enough one has to heal their own emotional wounding that is hidden in our unconscious emotional body.  When enough people begin to do this on the planet then we will begin to create a change.  The Black Madonna Regla brings up the unconscious wounds and makes them conscious.  This alchemical process has its intensity for more often then not it takes a lot of hard knocks for us to go within and explore these murky waters in our own psychic.

The government cannot do this for us, organizations, gurus, partners, or teachers. We have to do this for our self and this is why they call it the Great Work.  The human condition has its imperfections and the nature of life is that it gets messy. But the mess has its purpose when it is used for fuel for one’s awakening process.

One of the titles of the White Madonna is the Gate of Heaven, Mystical Rose, Tower of Ivory and one of my personal favorites Enclosed Garden.  The White Madonna is the archetype that brings you within, you close the door of the outer world to become still, you rise in consciousness so you can have a higher view.

She is the pure state of spirit. She is filled with grace, all compassionate and most merciful. These are the qualities we need to attempt to cultivate on our spiritual path. Not a high and holier then thou stance but the integration that we all live in this imperfect human condition which is a reflection of our collective consciousness, we all suffer, we all are imperfect and all awareness is born out of the darkness.

The alchemy of these two Madonnas is striking a balance of having one foot on Earth and one foot in Heaven

Note: Lady Regla image came from her shrine in Miami Beach FL.  I over-laid her image from a photograph I took of the Atlantic Ocean. Lady Regla is the Black Virgin who has the ocean waters under her skirts.  The White Madonna image is from a garden within a Church in Marin wood, Calif.  I over-laid her over a flowering bougainvillea vine.  Bougainvillea flower essence helps over come difficult emotions and establish grace, beauty and joy. Bougainvillea in Mary’s Sacred Flora was known as Mary’s Glory.


NEW : Original Sacred Flora Madonnas created by Raylene Abbott

Are available as a 11″by 14″ print, $40.00 per print plus $7.00 for shipping and handling payable through Paypal. You can order this print through emailing rayleneabbott@gmail.com


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