The Fruitless Path


Sex without love is a fruitless path, for it is Love that carries the Fire of Redemption.

It takes courage to allow Sacred Love into one’s inner heart, for the illusion of separation can no longer live in the Beloved One.

The Union of the Two dissolves into the Oneness that is found only in the most intimate Chambers of the Sacred Heart.

It is only through Love that these fires can be untied, not a lukewarm love or a hopeful expectation of Love.

It is a full body on fire with desire Love that ignites the burning flame within the secret Chambers of the Heart.

This becomes the fuel of the Sacred Couple to AWAKEN! Just as Magdalene and Jesus once knew in the Body and in the


This is what is trying to be birthed in Man in Woman in this time on Earth.

But this path is not for the faint of heart. It takes courage to look past the mirror of duality and see yourself in another, without judgement, without malice, without rejection.

This is what is being asked of those who open to such Divine Relationships.

So drink deep into this burning love of Awareness,

Transform the old patterns of how it has been done before.

And be open to one’s unlimited potential.



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