Soul Purpose

The ancient Egyptians knew and said that every woman was a nutrit, a little goddess. This is a revelation of the Sacred that each one of us holds at the Center of our Heart. The Infinite Light, the Spacious Void exists in every atom and within us. Our ultimate responsibility is that we need to master our own lives, our emotions and our mental process to bring true and lasting change on planet Earth. It is from this preceptive we can align with our unique soul purpose and go forward with change. Alignment comes from knowing yourself, listening to your soul’s calling and following your heart’s passion. This takes being still, dropping in with yourself, seeing through the games of disguise. We can’t do everything, but we can do what we came here to do….the secret is knowing yourself soul deep. darkmaeclipse

And what is the truth of the Black Madonna. She is the Infinite Light held within all matter. This archetype was used in Christianity as the Black Virgin holding the Christ child….The Great Mother holding the Christ the one who realized he was the Infinite Light……This act was a door opener for all of us to realize this…..within the density of living in the gross human condition……And when these arch-types are separated we become separated by all of life….nature, our environment, our body, our food the whole friggen ball of wax……..this collective unconscious program is ruling the corporations and our government policies. Change comes with knowing yourself and going from there.


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