Re-write of Ten Commandments


1-  Thou shall honor the Universal Intelligence that is found in all of Creation and the very center of every atom.

2-  Thou shall respect all of Nature and not take more than what is needed to live because without the survival of Nature nothing else can live.

3-  Thou shall love they brother/sister in all races black, white, yellow, red, in all religions or sexual preference as thyself and see yourself in the mirror of humanity.

4-  Thou shall not split the atom for it is the greatest of all sins for it threatens all of life and creation.

5-  Thou shall separate church from State and also separate corporation from state. All those in political office must have humanitarian training so that all their decisions are made on the bases of every living being.

6-  Rather, than (Man will reign over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky and the livestock) Humans will realize they are part of the Web of Life. Thou shall not feel superior then any other part of creation but one with it. It is when we are one with all of creation we have the empathy to make wise choices for the WHOLE.

7-  Rather, then “Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman created for the man.” Thou shall realize Man and Woman are different expressions but are from the same Universal Source. Thou shall learn to love unconditionally no matter what happens in a relationship and see each other as a mirror reflection of yourself. For it is in relationship we have the opportunity grow and see ourselves most clearly.  Thou shall include loving thyself for it is through self love we can develop healthy relationships. Healthy male/female relationships will create healthy children that creates a healthy society.

8- Thous shall not be imperialistic to other countries and cultures and destroy their way of life for profit and gain or be under the illusion of being superior.

9- Thou shall discontinue man-made chemicals that are not biodegradable and can not incorporate into the Circle of Life.

10- Thou shall take rest to personally reflect, witness and find one’s inner peace. Because without personally inner peace their will never be Real Peace in the World

Written by; Raylenea Abbott October 5, 2017

Categories: Inspiration, Nature

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