Guadalupe of Beauty and Transformation


Guadalupe has many names in her blend over of Native Indian, Latino culture and the Catholic church. Her all encompassing mantel includes everyone. She has spoken to me at midnight on a desert drive, when I entered Guadalupe County in New Mexico. The Starry Skies became her mantel and the desert became her body. She has spoken to me in deserted pueblo shrines and also in the back of a tacori where her picture hangs among dried chilies on a chip paint orca wall. She been known in the Aztec culture as our Lady of Flowers, She Whose Skirt is Made of Stars or Coatlicue, “Serpent Skirt.” She is the one who brings fertility to the desert, remember roses bloomed in her Presence. She is the Mother of the Americas and her mantel covers both North and South American. More then ever we need this type of archetypical Mother who can help us join together to help us bloom and transform our lives in what we are all faced with in today’s world. May the boarders of our hearts be open to each other and to the truest part of ourselves with tenderness, with acceptance, that goes beyond the divisions of cultures and religions. May we put our ear to this Sacred Earth and hear her Songs…and May we Sing together for change. Our Lady of the Butterflies she brings Beauty, she brings Healing she brings Transformation, I offer this Sacred Image to you today. Facebook Shrines

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