The Sacred Heart Treasure Technique


Conceived by Raylene Abbott, March 2009

The name of the Jesus Christas is Healing. I meditate on the name of Jesus Christas, using the inhalation for one syllable and the exhalation for the second syllable. The entire name is used with two breathing cycles and is silently repeated in my mind with my eyes closed. Therefore, it becomes a meditation of 2 stages.

I first connect with my emotional pattern I am working on. This usually comes as an uncomfortable feeling in my belly. It can be a difficult to bring your awareness to the belly because it is usually an issue that causes us pain. But allow yourself to stay with the feeling.

1 Now I inhale and I think the syllable Jesus and I bring the feeling from the belly into the heart chakra, located in the middle of your chest. The idea here is not to resist your suffering or the uncomfortable feelings but to allow yourself to embrace whatever is there. This is the hardest part, since we usually push down or ignore how we feel.

2 Now on the exhalation, I think the syllable Christas and I drive the sound deep into my heart center. I allow the feeling to go very deep into my heart center, without resisting the emotional pain I may be feeling. you will feel different layers of pain in the heart center go through those layers .

3 Now I inhale again and I think the syllable Jesus. At this point of the meditation I allow my heart to expand the core beyond my emotional pain. Negative emotions and feelings make our bodies and heart contract – this breath goes beyond the barriers of contraction. You can break the layers of contraction through the breath…

4 The next exhalation I think Christas and allow the emotional pain and pattern to dissolve into space. The breath goes beyond the emotional thought form in the pain body in your aura and it begins to dissolve.

Karma is just crystalized patterns waiting to be released through the breath that is then dissolved into space. There is a small point in the heart it is what Christ called the eye of the needle…or the Fatih of the mustard seed….when your breath comes to this small still point and goes through… will expand and the forms and patterns begin to dissolve the time line…old patterns that have been locked down from guilt or shame disvole on your time line through your breath and the name of Jesus Christos…do this daily and you will find freedom….begin with 15 minutes a day and work to 30 minutes a day.

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