La Madonna Spiritual Bathing


Herbal Bathing has been associated with healing since ancient times. La Madonna Spiritual Baths is a product I have created as a healing method that is done by bathing and praying for three days in a row to create a catalyst. The Bathing and Prayers are doorways for that process. I use organic grown herbs and ingredients to assure quality. This product is made only in small batches and ingredients are subject to change according to availability.

The baths are meant to be an earthy detox experience. They are purposefully made with finely ground herbs, healing clays and different salts to come in contact with your skin.  I have also formulated the ingredients to also help detox the exposure to heavy metals and radiation.  Because the ingredients are healing clays and herbs, the tub will be need be cleaned after bathing


La Madonna’s Spiritual Baths contains:
* Herbal Bath Salts
*Three Herbal Bath Bags for bathing * Holy Card with Prayer Chant *Holy Candle

The Healing Baths:
*St.Mary Magdalene – Sexual Healing

*Our Lady of Bees – Finding Sweetness

*Lady Regla – Emotional Healing

*Lady of Transformation – Catalyst for Change

Raylene has been creating herbal remedies since the ‘70s, growing, wildcrafting, making cosmetics and crafting healing teas. Her spiritual practice has spanned over the last 45 years . Her childhood devotion to Mother Mary has inspired both her art and healing. She has been inspired by European and Mexican folk traditions using candle lighting, novenas, herbs and iconic art for healing. She brings a new form of healing baths and holy cards that is fresh without the dogma found in formal traditional Christianity. Spiritual Bathing offers an alternative to your personal healing process.


La Madonna Spiritual Bathing Kit is $40.00 which includes postage in less you live East of the Rockie Mountains I will have to add another five dollars for postage. You can pay through pay-pal 

To purchase to this link below

pay pal link

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