Spring Revelation



The Tenderness of spring rain slides down blades of green grass, all is made a new. The glory of creation is revealed in every flower. May we deeply listen. May we open our eyes and marvel at the intricate connectivity of the Web of Life. May we knell on the Earth put down our defenses so our hearts can listen, so we can align, so we can love beyond our egos boundaries. Everything we have and we are is a gift and this is only possible because we have been graced with the very breath of life. This is precious. Do not get lost in pride, or endless desire of power, greed or petty differences. This moment is precious, allow yourself to knell in the green fields you will hear the truth singing in the wind, in the rivers and even in the stones. Take flight like the birds of the air and allow your heart to love freely. Hearing the poetry of the Earth with my morning coffee…..May 6th 2018 Raylenea

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