Flowers of the Heart


May has arrived! and the rose is the Queen of Flowers.  The flower has been associated with the longings of the heart since ancient time.

Nature is pure and simple.  Many secrets, legends, and guidance are locked within the power of flowers…the flower being the spiritual expression of a plant. Each and every flower has a vibrational quality that can heal, soothe and inspire. Plants can revel their uses in the symbolic way of how they grow. This is called a signature. Even the word signature has its root word  “nature” within it.

The roots of the rose sink deep into the earth and its stem is filled with thorns as a means of protection, but as the rose rises to its fate growing in the midst of the thorns the most precious perfumed beauty blooms. Wild rose petals can be plucked and examined to find a perfectly shaped heart.

The association of this flower becomes obvious. Symbolically the meaning of the roots is the earthly lessons of love. Thorns are the trials and tribulations of the heart.   The rose bloom teaches us to open and rise in love. It is in the rising in love we can overcome all obstacles. Poets, lovers and mystics alike have been inspired by the legends of this flower. In ancient Europe young women would write the name of each suitor on the leaf of a rose and tuck it under their pillow. The leaf that stayed green the longest was her true love.

St Dominic had a vision of the Virgin Mary which gave him the inspiration for the rosary prayer beads. But if truth would be told the ancient practice of the 108 beaded Eastern mala was also the inspriation for the rosary.  The Eastern mantra mala was introduced to the Europeans when they traveled East to join the Crusades. The rosary is  54 beads which is half of 108.  Devotional prayers said in the rosary practice were taught by nuns. Some convents taught to visualize roses that would then be placed at the Blessed Mother’s feet after saying one mystery of the rosary.  Rosary comes from the Latin word rosarium meaning rose garden. Many of the first rosaries were made from rose petals or rose hips. Even today nuns from Portugal still make prayer beads from rose petals that are mashed and molded into beads.

The nightingale had a very intense love affair going with the rose.  Any time a rose would be cut, the nightingale would cry in mourning. The birds in King Solomon’s garden complained to the king that the little nightingale was keeping them awake all night.

Many masters and angels come in visitations with the fragrance of the rose. Yogi Paramahansa Yogananda body after dying smelled like roses for days. Saint Thérèse de Lisieux also known as the Little Rose had an intense smell of roses also after her death. When doing St Thérèse nine day novena you can experience roses coming to you in a mysterious way which is a sign your prayers have been heard. I have had this experince myself after doing her novena.

Roses calms the nerves and invoke the moods of peace. Roses have been used as a folk remedy to calm tempers by sprinkling petals in the home which invokes bring peaceful spirits.

There are many ways you can use roses. You might use rose oil and a handful of rose petals in a calming bath to soothe the nerves. A little rose sachet pillow will give you sweet dreams. Rosewater splashed on the complexion improves the skin tone. Rose oil dabbed on a warm light bulb will scent a room. Rose-hip tea sipped with honey will give you your daily dose of vitamin C.

Flower can also help heal emotional traumas in relationships. What woman hasn’t received flowers after a lover’s quarrel?  What you might not know is the usefulness of flower essences.  These vibrational remedies are made with pure spring water, flowers, sunlight and a little brandy to preserve the essence. Flower essence work on emotional and physical blocks in the body.

The bleeding heart flower essences works on those suffering from broken relationship and emotional attachments. This flower is native to Northwest America.  If you study the heart-shaped flower in its first stage it is closed. Then the flower splits open to reveal a its stamin. It is the splitting open of the heart that our deepest wisdom is revealed.



NOTE ; This article I  published in the 1989 in the Bodhi Times in Marin County It now has been revised. The cover photo is a double delight rose from my garden last year blooming in its full glory.


link to Novena of St Theresa


(The absence of any visual signs of decay in the dead body of Paramahamsa Yogananda offers the most extraordinary case in our experience. Had the muscle protein and blood stream of the deceased not been comparatively free of bacteria, deterioration of the body could have set in as early as six hours after life had departed. No physical disintegration was visible in Paramahamsa Yogananda’s body even twenty days after death.) unquote from “A Autobiography of a Yogi”.






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