Flower Lore


Bathing was not so popular in Medieval Europe instead people gave “Tussie Mussies”, little bouquets of flower and herbs, which help mask the stench of not having a bath. These little bouquets were suppose to drive away sickness and the plague. Personally a good bath and a little sanitation could of have done wonders. The church during this time had a habit of throwing the local cats from the bell tower because cats were associated  with witches to make matters worse they burned the women as witches for causing the plagues. But if truth be known the fleas on the rats carried the Black Death and if their had been more cats there would of not had the problem with the rats… the delicate balance of nature 

These tussie mussies were also given to love ones during Victorian Times because for the flower’s symbolic significance. The herbs and flowers were arranged with ribbons and lace, together and thus would tell a story of their lover’s devotion.

Carnations is a popular flower in Mexico and was used by Corandros “Herbal Doctors”. They would prescribe bathing in carnation to remove a patients anger.  Anger can be the emotional core that can cause some diseases. Elementally speaking the emotion of anger resides in the liver.  Carnation is a symbol of sweetness and gentleness but if you look closely at the flower you will see it has jagged petals. This bath is a very simple form of homeopathic medicine. When two likes meet each other they will cancel each other out.  If you could imagine how anger looks on the astral plane it would apear as a jagged edge. Carnation baths are done with seven white carnation for seven days in a row. I suggest finding organic flowers.

The legends around the romantic rose are as many as the petals on a rosebush. The rose is ruled by the Love Goddess Venus her flower represents love and passion. As, the legend goes, Cupid, Venus son, was stung by a bee and in his anger shot his arrow into a white rose bush. The rose began to bleed and turned red.  Cupid arrows are powerful magic known by any one who truly falling in love. 

White roses represent silence and secrecy and at one time the white rose was painted above confessional in the church.  White roses were also hung over the table in Rome which became a sign to all that anything said at the table was not repeated.

White and red roses together represent unity while the red rosebud symbolizes purity. A white rose bud had the meaning of girlhood and the open rose meant womanhood.

Violets are the flower of modesty and humility. Violets are one of the first flowers that poke their heads up in spring, and their leaves were eaten as spring greens for their high source of vitamin C.

Love Bath

1 cup of red roses, I cup of lemon balm, 1 cup of vervain, 1 cup of rosemary and just a pinch of orris root, 4 quarts of water and a large square of cheese cloth and one rubber band 

Now in a stainless steel pot add water and bring the water to the boiling point, then add herbs and turn off turn off the heat and place a lid over the pot. I let this brew steep overnight so it becomes a strong infusion. Next morning, pour your bath and strain the herbal brew into the tub. Now take some of the strain herbs and place them in the cloth using a rubber band to tie into a bundle. Use the bag of herbs to squeeze onto yourself as you bathe.

Meaning of the Bath Herbs; Red Roses passion and love, Lemon Balm uplift the spirits and is an herb of Venus,  Vervain enchantment, Rosemary for remembrance and Orrisroot was used as a love powder to stir the passions.   

Written in the “Woodstock Nation”local paper 1986 by Raylene Abbott revised

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