Light My Fire



The Element of Fire is the spark of creation within every seed, the burning sun in the center of our galaxy, the heat that cooks our food and keep us warm at night. This fire burns bright in you in the very center of your heart. The element of fire when misused is reflected in war machines, guns and your everyday acts of anger.

That fire is the heat of our passions which moves the energy into full manifestation. Fire helps move the frustration we may feel when we are creatively blocked. It is the spark of every match lite and it is the forest fire that rages and has gone out of control.

It is up to each one of us collectively to tend the inner fire of our being wisely not   denying or stuffing our anger but to work with it creatively that it does not harm anyone..If one reflects just on all the wild fires gone mad in the recent years you can see collectively we all have a lot of work to still do. Individually we need to become responsible for our anger without projection and tend to our passions so we feel alive. We need to check in and see if our personal creations are in alignment for the greatest good of the whole.


“Light my Fire” as the Doors would say

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