Knob-cone Pine


Yesterday, I went out in the forest to gather pine needles to hydrosol. I did not know what I was going to pick, or what type of pine trees were out there.  I made tourmaline water to use as the distilling water in the early morning sun. The beautiful green tourmaline crystal signature is about heart healing, connecting to the Green Spirit of Nature. When my friend Jeffrey Wigginton gave this to me, he said this stone is about healing in a masculine way, while the pink tourmaline connects more the feminine. We ventured out to a high hill here in Northwest Oregon’s forest. A small stand of pine trees were standing out to me in the midst of a Douglas Fir forest.  Matt Hulstrunk suggested I take off on the deer trail to gather from the pine trees. This did not take much encouragement since my Native American teacher Red Hawk use to say “if you go collecting follow the deer trail and pray on all the plants long your way for the deer are the herbalist of the plant people and know all the plants”. I came across the pines, it was a small healthy stand of trees.  I studied the tree carefully to find it had dark scaly bark.  I made my cornmeal offering, gathered a few needles since I do not need very much for the still, and bought them home. The sweet scent of pine wrapped around my nose during the distilling process. When I finished, I bought the hydrosol into the house and poured it into a jar… the last few drops I dab on my neck and my hair and I was jolted by the spirit of the plant. Matt had been looking up the tree in the ID book and he found out it was called a knob-cone pine.  Last night I researched deeper on this pine tree and found out that they  are the first trees to release their seeds after a forest fire… in fact they only can release their seeds after a burn. The pinecones cling to the trunk of the tree growing in circles. Each year the tree develops another ring of pine cones around the tree’s trunk. All of this got me thinking… what is the signature of this tree… what is it here to teach us?  Last night in-between dreaming, I woke up with the teaching of the knob-cone pine. The seeds grow in circles together like a family, group or community. When the devastation of fire comes, it is from the intense heat that the seeds are released to bring about rebirth.  The wood is not good for lumber, as the tree’s purpose is to give life back to the forest.  The cones are very hard and denser then other pine cones. This morning over breakfast Matt said “the pine cones are called a knob which is a sexual term for the male penis.”  The Lessons of Knob-cone Pine is that after destruction has come into your life… specially the destructive forces of fire… it is time to come together as a community, as a family, so we can collectively survive the experience. In time to collectively come together and replant a new world a new way. The male patriarchy can learn from this tree the proper way to manage our forest, not just growing one type of species for lumber and profit. The green crystal of tourmaline and knob-cone pine opens the male patriarchy heart, to listen to nature and to work with nature. May those who have had their life ripped apart from the devastation of fires Be Blessed and come together through family and community to rebuild something new that works in harmony with Nature and Humanity. 

Categories: Nature, Sacred Flora

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