Green Medicine from our Forest.


I made Douglas Fir/Green Tourmaline hydrosol with my alembic still today. Douglas firs is another tree that knows how to survive fires, if it is allowed to grow up into an older tree. They have the ability to live up to 1000 years! Older trees develop a thick bark that can be up to nine inches thick, which gives a natural protection from fires. The root system is shallow taking the nutrients from the forest floor among the mycelium mushroom system. But when there is to much wind to much rain the Douglas firs are the first to fall. As I was distilling the citrus smell brought me back to an old memory of being a girl scout on my first plant walk with a forest ranger. He talked about how the young new tips were a survival food if you ever get lost in the forest. You can eat these tender tips or make a tea. The tips are filled with vitamin C thus the citrus smell. That night I went to my grandmother’s yard picked the tips of her Douglas fir tree and went home and made a tea and drank it. This was the first plant remedy I made at the tender age of  twelve. These tall growing trees are used by the lumber industry because it is fast growing and strong wood.

The hydrosol is protective to the immune system and fights infection. 

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