Opal Singing Stones

Singing Stones Story continued;

You now enter the aura of the Opal, white and iridescent, like our sister moon. As you move closer you see within the stone flickers and flames of fire! This is your teacher:
” I am the Sacred Fire, I bring warmth. I am used to cook your rfood and heat your homes. When I am used with respect, I can help purify through rites and rituals. But when misses in the hands of humans who still harbor hate and ignorance in their hearts, I become a threat to all nations and all of life. The splitting of the atom is the result of the misuse of the Sacred Fire. Fire-arms for war and killing is another example of the misuse of the Element of Fire. Learn to respect me. Bring me back into your rituals and prayers to help purify your heart and mind with good intentions and right alignment. Within me is the teaching of the Sacred Fire.
I am Opal

link for the reasons to change

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