Bloodstone Singing Stones


Bloodstone is the next Singing Stone in the circle it has been known to be helpful for grounding and giving courage.  It was during the Middle Ages it was associated with the blood of Christ. This is Bloodstone’s healing message:
“Every person on Earth have ancestral memories locked within their DNA waiting to be un-covered. There are both the gifts and the negative patterns of your family lineage. It is up to each individual to become aware of your negative family patterns and transform them without cutting the flow of love towards your parental lineage. We can keep a space open in our heart for the precious ” Gift of Life” our ancestors have given us, for this is the greatest gift a soul can receive. Contemplate what the gift of life is for you! But this does not mean we need to carry the old negative patterning our ancestors may have carried. Children learn from their elders prejudice, hate, and violence and disrespect towards our natural environment. It is up to each individual to transform their own lineage through their own awareness and love.
I am Bloodstone.”

Link: Example to Blood lineage Patterns

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