Rose Quartz Singing Stones.

The soft pink color of Rose Quartz offers the Healing for the Heart.
I am the heart opener, the heart softener, the developer of compassion. Though me you will find your ONENESS with all things. One of the biggest problems with the human race is their egos do not have inability to see when their ego is in charge. The ego is harden. It demands to be right. The ego only see the small picture for itself.  But seeing through the eyes of the heart one can learn to soften their opinions. One can learn to love and accept their self, then it becomes easier to love others for who they are. It is deep in the heart center one can witness their life changes and choices. It is deep in the heart center one can soften and just be.

I am Rose Quartz and this is my heart message.


Link; What does the vibration of love look like?

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