Amethyst Singing Stones

A royal stone among the crystals this is Amethyst message: “My original name came from the word amethustos which means to be sober. I come to you in a time that humanity needs to sober up from their destructive actions to the Earth and each other. Human leaders have become drunken on greed. They have stripped the Earth from their natural resources and have blown holes in the flesh of Mother Earth.  The minerals and nutrients have been stripped from the soil leaving food worthless. The lungs of the planet, our forest, have been stripped with no thought for future generations to take in the breath of life. My purple color opens the individual to the possibilities of personal transformation that brings the cultivation of wisdom. We are in need for humans to transform their selves on a personal level to create the change and the Awareness that is needed at this time. I am Amethyst I bring transformation.”

Categories: Nature

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