Emerald Singing Stones

Emeralds help bring harmony into your relationships. It gives one appreciation for all of life. Emeralds can restore hope and help bring understanding and unconditional love into our learning process. This is Emeralds message:

My healing green color reflects the Abundance of Nature and can open you to the interconnectedness of the Web of Life. Mother Earth’s natural process is ever flowing with abundance when Human-beings follow the Laws of Nature. But this is not what has happened in Humanity’s present moment. The Earth is crying out at this time to be listened to! But she does not speak with the words. Mother Earth speaks through storms, drought, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions she has been trying to get our attention. But do not lose hope! Many on Earth are in the process of a great transformation. This is where the true power lives, deep inside your own heart, your own alignment and your own relationship with your environment and interactions with people. Listen to your heart. Heal the parts that are broken inside you and make the Great Alignment. This will help harmonize the obstacles we are all facing at this point in history. Become the mercy this world needs. Be the unconditional love beyond your personal heart ache. And we will join together as a Great Cluster of Crystals and this will bring the Wave of Awareness to bring about the Great Change.

I am Emerald.

Categories: Nature

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