Sapphire Singing Stones

Star Sapphire helps one develop the spiritual path and soul intuition. This is Sapphire’s message:


I am the Spiritual Warrior of the Stone People. Ones greatest enemy is not on the outside. Ones greatest enemy is the parts of yourself that you are unwilling to look at and change. This is humanities BIG dilemma right now. Collectively, Humanity needs to change its political system and how we treat the natural environment. How different cultures, sub-cultures and religions are also treated. One needs to become nothing less then a Spiritual Warrior to accomplish this. Everyone has come to this Earth with soul gifts. When the time of one’s own soul evolution is ripe, one’s true purpose is discovered. This is what is beginning to happen right now on planet Earth. This is why we are seeing so much upheaval in the old structure of Life on Earth. Remember this when you are facing challenges. I will give you the strength, courage and faith to move forward.

I am Sapphire.

Categories: Nature

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