Our Lady Bedstraw Creche

ladybedstrawjpg copy

Our Lady Bedstraw, also known as cleavers still holds the name of the cradle grasses tradition. Our Lady refers to Mother Mary and bedstraw refers to the herb being used for the Christmas Creche.
Lady Bedstraw tea is a healer for the urinary system. It has traditionally used for healing the kidneys and is helpful in releasing water retention in the body.
Water is the elemental symbol our emotions in the body. Fresh cleavers tea has a very clean taste and sparkling green color. It also has tiny barbs on the stem that make it stick like velcro to your pants when walking through a meadow. Symbolically speaking we can look at Lady’s Bedstraw as a helper to gently release hidden unconscious childhood emotions and attachments that are no longer useful as an adult. Cleavers clinging nature is the plant signature power of releasing ones attachments. The herb has been used for centuries by women for bladder infections. The emotional root of bladder infection is being pissed off. We are in a time in history that each one of us individually and collectively are being asked to digest our emotional baggage and forgive. When we do this on a collective level we will begin to understand what Peace on Earth truly is…..

The image of the Baby Jesus is taken at the Shrine of Lady Regla ( Our Lady of the Oceans and Water) in Miami. FL.

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