Flax for the Creche


DSCN2395Flax is placed in the creche today as I continue to spin and weave the creche legends. Flax and spinning has been associated with Mother Mary for centuries. Like many spinning Goddesses before her. Mary was known as the best weaver and even was said to create Jesus a seamless garment. Flax was offered in ancient times near caves because they believed it was the Goddess’s hair. But as time went on the Flax became Mary’s Hair. Flax was one of Egypts oldest crops dating back about 3000 years ago. Flax was sown on Monday, Thursday or Good Friday because this plant had associations with the Mother of God it was believed that Flax fields were under God’s protection. The Spinning Goddess and the Virgin Mary are really about the stories of creation much like Mother Maya in India. The Spinning Goddesses spins the very atoms that make creation. Christ seamless garment actually refers to his light body or Spiritual double some may say. We are born in this world and we fall asleep in our wandering forgetting who we are and why we came. We get lost in the illusions that the world offers. Until something happens in our life circumstances which create a change that we begin to question reality. We start to question our behavior and our choices we have made. We begin to ask the right questions why I am here? What are the most important things in this life? This is the beginning of the Soul’s Awakening to something greater. We begin to touch the inner light locked with our inner heart.


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