Christmas Novena


The Glorious Mysteries.
Each night of this novena takes me deeper into memories of how Ariel Farley, taught me the rosary. Ariel had gone into the convent and learned the Mystical Rosary. One day the nuns told her she was not meant to be a nun…but before she left she could take anything she wanted to as a gift. She walked up to the altar to a beautiful picture of Mother Mary took the picture with frame in her arms and left the convent.

I do not know where Ariel is today. But she passed on to me the secrets of the rosary that she learned from the nuns. So today I honor this lineage whose teaching still bless me.

Last night when I was doing the Resurrection Mystery a memory came back to me from the teachings. When you pray on the Resurrection mystery after saying one Hail Mary you can hold your bead and make an intention. The intention should be directed to a situation that needs to be lifted up. I love how Ariel use to do this…She was a little woman but mighty. She use to make these incredible crystal rosaries beads. Ariel would take a crystal bead in her hand and with her full intention she would say ” Blessed Mother resurrect this person’s health” or Mother Mary resurrect this person’s from their depression” with each ten beads of this mystery she would have the whole group using the Power of the Resurrection to uplift, to heal to comfort. It was a powerful experience. Last night I did this also remembering situations that needed healing. With each mystery and each bead the group would focus their intentions and their prayers in this way, according to the mystery.

Today’s Prayer;
Blessed Mother, Our Heavenly Queen, Rosa Mystica, Our North Star in the form of Our Lady Regla, Come to us now, Draw us close to your Sacred Heart of Deep Silence where all troubles disappear into the vastness of your Infinite Love. Bless everyone who reads these words. Fill their life with your Blessing of Hope. Fill their life with Spiritual Direction, And through the Power of the Resurrection what ever has been broken is raised up and made a new. Amen.

The first image is another statue of the Blessed Mother…I think from Montpellier, France if I remember right LOL. It been a few years. The over lay is a Canna Lily, which was known as the rosary plant because of its hard little seeds. These seeds were used to make rosary beads in Europe and also malas in India. The last layer are my hands. The Canna Lily is from Silent Stay Retreat Center Garden, in Vacaville CA. where I worked for a few years between meditations.




Today I like to introduce Canna Lilies which are a semi tropical plant. I love their huge multi-colored leaves. But it is their seeds that holds a gift. Canna seeds are used to make prayer beads for rosaries in Europe or malas in India. Some of you may wonder what the purpose of repeating the same prayer or mantra over and over again. But its a simple meditation to focus the mind. The mind usually is thinking all kinds of thoughts and going many different directions at once. When the mind has a simple task like the repeating of a pray or mantra it begins to relax. When the mantra stops you actually can experience the silence of No Mind which is really the purpose of meditation. It is in the state of no mind one become open to receive the inspiration from their own Inner Source


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