Christmas Novena


Sorrowful Mysteries

The Holiday Seasons seem to always be a busy time, so I have chosen to do the rosary again in the early morning hours when the neighborhood is in a deep sleep. I also feel I have enter a path that all of you have created by your prays and post here on the Way of the Rose. I am feeling the prayer power that has been established by this group.

Last night I drifted in and out of sleep, having the experiences of the sorrowful mysteries. These states began to self arise in me between prayers, the dreams and the inner mystical process that happens to me when I deepen into the mysteries. I would like to share with you an experience I had many years ago that returned to me last night as I prayed the Rosary’s Sorrowful Mysteries.

I use to live in Mt Shasta, CA. for many years. I know the mountain well, and have had many experiences when I walked the high mountain trails. It was by a fresh water spring, that I often visited, that I had the following experiences.

There had been many people, from all over the world, visiting Shasta during this time. Many had traveled off the walking paths and carelessly stepped on the fragile eco system. Plants were trampled, and the high mountain heather, which takes 500 years to grow just one inch, was crushed. Some folks littered sage sticks like gum wrappers, and spiritual graffiti was left behind in the altars they built. The place was a mess, and this is one of the Sacred Mountain of California… if not of the entire West Coast.

I sat down by this fresh mountain water spring and all of a sudden… these little mountain gnomes appeared in my third eye. They were very upset and were saying “Do something! Do Something!”

I quickly settled into a meditative state and began do an Earth Healing Meditation that I had done many times before from the “Perelandra Garden Workbook by Michelle Small Wright.” But this time the meditation had gone off into an entirely different direction. In the beginning of this meditation, you align yourself with the Cosmic Golden Christ Light. Then you invite the Emerald Green Light of Nature Intelligence and allow the two light rays to merge. You then visualize a sheet of white light going deep into the Earth. This sheet is used to energetically clean the throughs-forms and emotional process left behind by human beings.

But as I said, this is how I began the meditation, but something else began to happen when I lowered the light sheet down into the Earth. When I began to visualize the sheet rising out of the Earth, I saw the Shroud of the Suffering Christ! Christ then spoke “ Mother forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” He was speaking of the Mother Earth.
I then created another sheet of white light and lowered it into the Earth. Again, as the sheet raised, I saw the Shroud of Christ, and this time he said “ When I was crucified, my blood fell on the Mother Earth and she became Christ-ed. Now she is going through her own crucifixion.” I lowered the last sheet of light and the Christ image appeared once again. He said to me a more personal message this time “ Go educate the people”

The reason I am sharing this long story is because last night, I experienced the Earth Mother Christos. As I prayed the rosary and meditated on each mystery. I saw how we have denied as humanity the Earth’s Divinity. I whispered my Hail Marys, as my wooden beads slipped through my fingers….I saw the Christ being being stripped of his clothes and his clothes were casted for lots. I experienced how the those in power are actually gambling away our Forest, Water, Air, even the Sacred Fire is used for bombs and atomic energy. Our Nature Resources are being stripped off the Earth just as they stripped Christ from his garments.

Deep in the hours of the night, I saw Christ carry his cross. The cross became the burden that our future generation will have to carry. A planet full of harmful chemicals, that bring disease and suffering that shortens the human life, plant life, animal life.

I visioned Christ on the cross as our suffering planet. The Earth’s suffering will be felt by all of us.

Jesus came to show us the Way when his form was broken on the cross and he poured his own Eternal Realization onto everything on this Earth.

But it is up to us to discover our own Christ-hood. I have my own belief of the second coming;

Where many of us are Awakening Together. It is up to each one of us to see that Christ Light in everything and everyone. Even in those harder lessons when the mirror has become darkened.

The Black Maria our Mother of Matter is calling us all home. She calling us all to Awaken to the Earth Suffering and make the changes we all need to create.

Dearest Mother… as we struggling as a human race to Awaken, I ask you to strengthen us. Pour your gentle Mercy on each one of us and give us the courage to make the right choices regardless of how great or small they may be. Give us the Faith to be true to our path. Give us the alignment to do our soul’s purpose. May the Christ Light within each one of us be Awaken to its full potential. May unconditional love and truth be our compass as we travel this life’s journey. Pour out your Blessing like a water from the sweetest mountain spring. Bring your Blessing to all who read these words and all they love and are connected to, May we join together like a chorus of Angels as the beads of our rosary slip through our fingers hear our prayers.

The images first layer is a five headed mutated dandelion that appears screaming this is not trick photography. We found this flower among hundreds of mutated dandelions in Central Oregon in a school playground.
The second layer the Sacred Heart of Jesus I took in Weed. CA. The last layer are my own hands with my wood rosary.

This novena was written for an online Facebook Group The Way of the Rose

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  1. Dear Raylena,
    A powerful vision of truth and beauty that calls us to participate in the healing and rising of our being on/in Mother Earth!
    Bowing to you and the Mother,


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