Rosary Novena for Christmas


I have been asked to do a rosary novena for the Way of the Rose an on-line facebook group this is what the next 9 post will be.

Joyous Mysteries,

I am traveling today on the train so I did the Rosary in the wee hours of the morning. The house was quiet and everyone was fast asleep.

I learned the rosary at the tender age of seven and then again re-learned as an adult in a mystical tradition which had been taught to a woman who learned from nuns in a convent. The church taught a rosary that was said very quickly which reflected and meditated on the Rosary’s mysteries. But when I learned the mystical rosary the practiced deepened for me. I will always remember one of my teachers saying when you say the first four beads of the rosary after making the sign of the cross is called the “ Invitation”. What you actually are doing is calling a band of Angels. She went on to say that each bead of the rosary was connected to an angel that carries your prayers. We would direct a prayer after saying each Hail Mary to a situation after reflecting on the mystery. When I began saying the rosary like this in group it took much longer time, but as the prayers and intentions grew everyone would deepened. My teacher went on to say by the time you finished the entire rosary there is a whole legion of angels that arrive to serve you and carry your prayers. This was our meditation. Our intentions would be directed in alignment with each mystery.

So I like to reflect on this today as I said the first Joyous mystery the (Annunciation) where the Arch Angel Gabriel announced to the Blessed Mother that she would be filled with the Holy Spirit. This mystery aligns us with our Guardian Angels and opens us to the possibility of communion with the Angels, just as the Blessed Mother was aligned to Archangel Gabriel.

Another thought that comes to me since I am on the subject of Angels is that Flower Newhouse an old time metaphysical writer who had many Angelic visitations and wrote about the Angelic Kingdom said: ( That during the Advent Season there are a special band of Christmas Angels that would draw very close to Earth.) Some people might feel this group of Christmas Angels as the Christmas Spirit.
Between the Annunciation, the Invitation of the rosary beads and the Advent Angels, I would like to start this novena with a prayer:

Arch Angel Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel, the Seraphim, the Cherubim, the Thrones, the Powers, the Virtues and the Principalities, the Dominions, all the Archangels and our own Guardian Angels, I ask you to pour a Blessing to all those of this Rosary Group to draw ever so close to each person’s heart, each persons deep longing, hear our prayers, Bless us, Gather under the Holy Mantle of Notre Dame Des Anges (Our Lady of the Angel). May these words be filled with your Holy Presence to bring comfort, to give Joy in the most meaningful and simple circumstances of our Lives…Hear Our Prayers Oh Our Lady of the Angels and pour your Spiritual Joy upon All. Amen.

The image I created in photoshop…Its first layer is an old fresco from chapel in Southern France with an over lay of a pencil drawing of Angels. The next layer is a BW photo of my hands doing rosary from 1995 that my mother took. And the last image is Our Lady Star of the Sea in the upper right hand conner of the image from St. James in Seattle Wash. I created this specially for this novena.


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