Sorrowful Mysteries novena


It is the Eve of Solstice, but this year something different is happening. The darkest day of the year is being illuminated by the full moon. The moon, representing the feminine, in this configuration happens only every 19 years! I prop myself up in bed and fumble to find my rosary in the dark and begin my practice. My finger slides across the first four beads like stepping stones as I enter an ancient rose garden. This garden is made up of all the prayers of all the people who have ever said the rosary before me.  An ancient assembly lines up in front of me… saints and angels draw near as I whisper in the dark of the night “Hail Mary so full of Grace the Lord is with you.” This happens to every person who chooses to do this practice, if they know it or not, this occurs behind the veils. This is the assemble of Holy Ones that join you as you do your rosary.

The night is silent, my breath is in a rhythm as I say my prayers, and I enter the garden to find Christos kneeling, his apostle are asleep around him as he too silently prayers.  I begin to realize that this is the moment the soul is reviewing their karmic records. This could be the family patterns that one has just finally began to see for the first time, locked within the DNA for many weary generations.  They begin to unwind before you.  Did not Christ say “This is my body” as he raised the bread, and “this is my blood” as he raised the cup of wine, just the night before, at the Last Supper? “Drink of this and you shall never die”.  He was giving us a clue how to unlock the DNA patterns with this statement! Christ’s purpose is a reminder to us. We all have the opportunity, while we are in embodiment, to transform the karmic lineage of our blood lines. We must take a more expansive view to receive that higher view. We have to go into the Rose Garden of our hearts, even if everyone else may be asleep around us, and develop an inner review of our actions, reactions, choices, judgements, and projections. This takes us to witnessing our life just as Christ witnessed his life that final night before his death. That rose garden is our heart, that center of unconditional love that learns to release having always to be right. Who witnesses and deepens in that view without reaction or projection.  The Center of the Rose Garden is the Seat of our Christ Self. It is the Deep Silence that has gone past all the layers of hurt, blame, shame and guilt . It is the deep center that has no thought… it is just empty. If you are able to hold that Center, even for a moment, the patterns are swallowed by what St. Francis of Assisi called “the Great Silence”. This Silence then cleans the karmic patterns and your become free.

In the final mystery, the crucifixion, I see the Three Marys at the foot of the cross. The Virgin Mary, Magdalene the Lover and Mary of Cheops “out of Egypt”. It was these women and St. John, that did not turn away from the Master’s darkest moment.  The three silent women represent the three aspect of physical life for every person.  Mary the Virgin is the beginning of life… pure… untouched by human lessons.  Magdalene is the fullness of life . Mandala actually means “Tower” or “Watch Tower”. She has had the experiences of life, and has learned to be a witness and rise like one would do in a tower, to view the soul’s journey with awareness.  Mary of Cheops, the Dark Egyptian, is the end of our life and the destructive aspect of the Mother when our life unwinds. Our lessons are learned, our body begins to return to the gravitation pull of the Earth. Christ is on the cross, He who knows his Eternal Spirit, while still in his embodiment NOW is his moment, and the scene is set. He turns to John and says “This is my Mother, take care of her”.  Could this mean so much more then just his physical Mother Mary?  Is this the Great Mother, this body, the incarnation, the very Earth? Take care of her as life IS precious.

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